An amazing trick to renew your plastic utensils

by Asima Butt
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An amazing trick to renew your plastic utensils


This article is going to be very informative to you regarding your favourite crockery on utensils. Here you will learn how you can clean stains from your plates, bowls, glass or anything in a quick and easy way.

We all are well aware of this issue regarding your crockery which get very stubborn stain of oils, spices or other stains that are difficult to remove.

Crockery with these stubborn stains look very old and you need to get another set of it. Crockery is not something you can use every day or month. You can save yourself some bucks by this very easy trick. You just need a normal powder detergent usually you use for washing clothes, washroom or cleaning kitchen counters etc. You can use either kind of detergent and scrub away the stain.

This is very simple remedy and it is not using any heavy science. Your detergent could be powder or liquid and it will work in the same way. Usually normal soap that we wash dishes with resist their function in hard water. But detergents can work in this type of water and they will effectively remove the stain from your crockery. Detergent is even cheaper than soap and they perform better cleaning functions.

As detergents are synthetic chemicals while soaps are fatty acids and vegetable oil.

Here is an easy step to do this method:



  • Any detergent powder

  • Stained crockery




First you need to take one teaspoon of detergent powder and spread it on your crockery. For example if you are working on a plate then spread the powder on the whole plate or where the stain is prominent.

Sprinkle few drops of water so it gets a base to work on stain. Then leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that take a small piece of scrubbing sponge and then start rubbing the affected area.

This is the main thing. When you leave detergent powder on it for long time it make stains get loose on the surface and when your start to scrub it , it come off easily.

Keep scrubbing until all stains are removed from the plate and you can get your plastic or any other type of crockery new as before.


Remember use this trick just to clean the stubborn stain from your crockery. You can use regular soap or liquid dishwasher to wash your dishes.



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