Awesome hand/face wash hack for travelers and kids

by Asima Butt
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Awesome hand wash/face wash hack for travelers and school going kids


Today this article will educate you with an extremely common problem and its solution. If i talk about myself I travel a lot and have to use many type of public washroom. Some washroom are very good and every basic facility is available. But sometime when I travel to the far and town side where washroom condition is not very pretty. Furthermore. I do not feel comfortable using any hand wash or soap bar in those areas. Same applies for the school or college going kids.

People tend to keep hand wash in their bag and there are so many chances for them to leak because hand washes are usually in liquid form. You can’t keep the soap bars as well as they take a long time to get dry after first use. Today this article will help you to make a dry powder that you can use as a hand or face wash. Also, you can keep it in your bag without any fear that they might destroy your important cosmetic products or documents.

Here are some easy steps to make this dry hand or face wash at home:




  • any good soap

  • Rice flour




To make this powder first of all you need a soap bar. You can take any soap which works good for you or you think is suitable that you can also use on your face. Grate half soap in flat broad plate and leave it in sunlight or just open dry environment for few hours so all the moisture get absorbed in the environment.

We need a very dry form of this grated soap. You can also use this just like that but it will be even better to convert it in a powder form. When your powder has dried out then you can put it in a grinding machine. Then grind it till you think you have got a fine powder form. Add this powder in a suitable bottle that has an airtight lid. Also, add half or one teaspoon of rice flour in this bottle and shake it well.



Keep it in your any school or regular handbag fearlessly. No whenever you want to wash your face and hands then wash it first with water. Then keep a little amount of powder in your palm and cleans your hands or face with it. This is an extremely beneficial trick or hack that you can do in your daily life for your convenience.

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