yeast vaginal infection , causes and management

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Yeast vaginal infection , causes and management

Yeast infection also called fungal infection is the most common infection in women especially in childbearing age. This infection usually is not very severe or need emergency medical attention in most of the cases. This article will educate you about what yeast infection is, how it is causes? What possible symptoms you might experience and what you can do to manage this problem?



What is yeast infection and its symptoms?


Yeast infection is usually caused by overgrowth of fungus that is present naturally in the vagina. There is balance between natural bacteria and yeast cell but when this balanced in disturb then one of them overgrow and cause infection.

In case of yeast infection natural bacteria are reduced and get prevailed by yeast overgrowth. This cause bad itching, burning during urination and even swelling. In further it can also cause a thick white or grayish discharge from the vagina. It can further give rise to problem like painful intercourse and soreness. If you go on without treating this infection then your symptoms might even get worse.


Causes of yeast infection:


There are multiple causes of yeast infection which includes:


  • Weak immune system that is unable to control certain infections and body can develop certain types of infections easily without any body’s defence.
  • If you are taking antibiotic a lot lately then it might reduce the healthy bacteria in body and might give rise to yeast infection.
  • Hormonal imbalance can also cause disturbance in this balance and it can give rise to yeast infection.
  • Diabetic patients and pregnant women can also get yeast infection more often.
  • Furthermore, if you have any kind of sleep deprivation or poor diet or hygiene and stress can also trigger yeast infection in women.



Usually good hygiene and improving lifestyle make it go away it go away within few days. In some cases this infection might persist and you might even need medical attention to resolve this issue.

Your doctor will simply suggest antifungal oral or topical ointment like fluconazole or clotrimazole. Your symptoms usually disappear within few day after few days. In case of excess itching or burning some time of corticosteroids are also given to reduce burning and inflammation.


Some prevention and home remedies for yeast infection:


  • Try to eat citrus fruit vegetables, as citrus things has antioxidant like vitamin C which eliminate body toxins and strengthen the body immune system. Moreover it inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on body. This is how it try to keep the vagina away from harmful toxins and bacteria.
  • yogurt is one of the most beneficial thing that you could use to keep vaginal health. You can either take it in your daily meal or you can apply it on directly. This is the best way to reduce vaginal odour and keep its pH acidic to healthy levels.
  • Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal in nature and it will help you to get rid of any fungal infections or odour. Buy any good brand of tea tree oil available in market.
  • Try to use cotton undergarments as cotton keeps the area dry as air can pass through it easily. Other silk stuff like nylon and polyester takes time to get dry and cause the particular odour.
  • Change sanitary pads twice or thrice a day during menstruation according to amount of bleeding. Make sure you do not keep the sanitary pad for long time.
  • Also you can use coconut oil and apply it on inflamed area that will bring down the infection and swelling quickly.

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