Is ultrasound harmful for your baby during pregnancy?

by Asima Butt
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Is ultrasound harmful for your baby during pregnancy?

Ultrasound has gained a great importance from paste decade as who wouldn’t like to see their baby when they are still inside the womb.ultrasound is a machine that actually use probes to send sound wave through a gel medium. Sound wave reflects by bouncing the baby’s body and show us a sonogram on the LCD with an inverted image.

You might have heard from some people who say that ultrasound might not be good for your baby or it could lead to some abnormalities. Well this article will tell you what an ultrasound is , how it works and whether it is harmful for your baby or not.


Importance of ultrasound and why we do it?


Ultrasound can give us some clue regarding the normal or abnormal development of the baby, amount of amniotic fluid , position of the baby and even sex of the baby. Through ultrasound we can estimate the weeks of pregnancy through BPD and FL. One can also estimate the estimated time for delivery.

It is important for women who had previous complications in pregnancy, or they have diabetes or high blood pressure. Ultrasound is also being done on women who are obese or their BMI is above 35.

This procedure is mainly very important for women who are having multiple fetus. This will help to figure out if the are in same sac or have their own placenta. Furthermore, it can help a doctor to know about the positions so they can decide if normal delivery is feasible or not.

Ultrasound is not always right about multiple pregnancy as we have seen in rare case where there were more number of fetus but it showed less. So locating the number and every part of fetus during multiple pregnancy can be a little tricky.


Is it harmful during pregnancy?


Many people who doesn’t have much knowledge claims that it could be harmful for that baby or repeating ultrasound examination can also be harmful. Well researches has not found anything like that. It doesn’t have any harmful radiation and it is actually a preferred way of examination.

Medical researches say that during ultrasound there is a small amount of heat is produced but some of its amount get absorbed into the mother’s skin. Moreover amniotic fluid has enough capacity to absorb heat and shock so it can prevent the baby from any harm. Medical researchers claim that there is no harm for baby or any abnormal development due to this. Moreover it says it doesn’t cause any hearing or sight problem is baby at all.

Usually the image we get is 2D which is safe to use. Now a day people also like to get 3D or 4D image of the baby. Well, 3D almost use the same amount of energy but 4D should be avoided in specially starting week unless it is necessary. As it generate more power and could spread more heat which can be bothersome.

So you can get carefree and can get ultrasound done for farewell of your baby in normal routine checkup. If there is any problem which can be located by ultrasound so it might be easier at this time to deal with it than later.

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