Top hacks/tips to increase fertility in women

by Asima Butt
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Top hacks/tips to increase fertility in women

Well fertility is quite the hot topic like always and who doesn’t want to be blessed being a parent. It is natural when you decide to have baby so you automatically get anxious to get it soon. Normally if a couple is taking time in conceiving within the 12-16 months of trying then it is quite normal.

Well one thing women should remember that she is not ovulating throughout  her cycle. Sometimes she is not ovulating at all during a certain cycle. women are most fertile at mid of her cycle as this is the estimated time for ovulation when egg has been released from ovary. You are supposed to have intercourse during this time of your cycle to make the chances to maximum in conception.

If a woman  has not conceived after having unprotected and frequent intercourse within a 12-18 months then is an alarming sign. Couples should get themselves checked after that long periods as you can get help in time.


This article will discuss about the natural ways that can increase your fertility and chances to conceive. This article is also good for those women who are above 35 as advancing age can reduce the chances to get pregnant easily to some extent.


Few ways to increase fertility:


Intercourse during mid cycle:


First thing in conceiving fast is having intercourse more frequently at mid of your cycle to onward days. Because women is most fertile during this time as egg is usually released from ovary at your mid cycle. Also, you can guess your ovulation symptoms as you might notice thing and stretchy discharge from the vagina. Body’s temperature is usually increased and some people can feel the back pain or pain at either side of uterus.


Take high density lipids:


Other thing you can do is to replace low or trans lipids with high density and more healthy fats. These low density lipids can disturb certain hormones like insulin. As this hormone is involved in polycystic ovaries which is one of the cause of infertility. So try to take healthy and high density fats in your diet like. Moreover these high density lipids doesn’t let increase the body cholesterol. As they keep flushing the excess fats through the liver instead of depositing in body’s cell.


Be careful with your weight:


Being overweight can also lead to infertility or having irregular periods. Make sure you have a constant weight which falls in a healthy range according to your height and age. You must start having good diet and cut off on your junk to lose some pounds. As losing weight has help a lot of women to conceive.


Healthy nutrition:


You may also face infertility if your body’s stores are not full according to the normal value. for example you have iron, folic acid or vitamins deficiency then it can also cause delay. So you should start to get supplement or foods that are full of these nutrients. Eat good meal which contain meat, fish, green vegetables, fruits and your daily supplement for folic acid. Eat more fiber and less carbs in your daily routine. Try to take least processed food as it not very healthy option and try to consume fresh fruits and vegetables.also, try to consume a big breakfast as compare to the lunch or dinner. As doing this your hormonal level will get better toward normal.


Take antioxidants and multivitamins:


Multivitamins are a safer option if you are not getting them enough from your diet. You should prescribe multivitamins and its dosage from your doctor and start taking them. Also take food that are full of antioxidants or you can take its supplements. Antioxidants prevent the body and cells from damage or genetic error. These can help your body damaging eggs or sperm. You can take plenty of nuts, fruits, green vegetables and grains to get the super source of antioxidants.


Decrease consumption of alcohol and smoking:


Well every sensible person might be aware of this fact that alcohol and smoking can affect you fertility. If you are taking it in excessively then you definitely should cut down their consumption. Furthermore,they can increase your cholesterol level and harm the vital organs as well.

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