things you should know about liver diseases

by Asima Butt
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Things you should know about liver diseases

Liver is one of the very important organs in our body as it is called the power house of the body. It is performing multiple function with and without collaboration with other organs.

Liver is the largest organ in our body that is present on right upper quadrant of abdomen below the ribs. It has two main lobes that are formed by small lobules. This organ has also secretory functions that is why it is also called a gland.

Anything that disturbs its structure or function, it give rise to liver disease also call hepatic disease. liver disease starts to affect body seriously when 3/4th part of the liver is damaged.


Functions of liver diseases:

  • Liver produce bile that is very important for digestion of our food in small intestine.
  • It stores and play part in processing of iron for formation of red blood cells.
  • Liver has the main role in producing clotting factors and some important amino acids that fight against infections.
  • It metabolize the medication we take in its active form and also metabolize the cholesterol.
  • It store extra sugar in form of glycogen in our body.
  • Liver is also involve in the formation of urea and wasting waste material from the body.


When any of this function get disturb for any reason our body fails to perform its normal functions.


Causes of liver diseases:

There are multiple cause for liver damage or its disease. For example:


  • If liver cells become inflamed or get infected refer as hepatitis.
  • If any kind of blood vessel that is supplying blood to the liver becomes damaged or obstructed. This cause death of liver cell and failure in performing its function.
  • The bile which liver produce in normal condition for normal digestion. For any reason ,if it becomes obstructed or change in its consistency give rise to liver disease.
  • Liver can also be damaged by drug abuse, chemicals,minerals or by abnormal growth of cells(cancer)
  • Cirrhosis, which is the last stage of liver disease. In this most of liver tissues are dead and liver can’t perform its functions normally.
  • Another main cause of liver disease is alcohol. People who take more alcohol than normal, chance for them to getting disease related to liver is very common like Alcoholic liver disease.


Now comes the points that you must know even as a non medical student or being as person who has not much knowledge about medical.



  • One very obvious symptom is jaundice which reflects yellow color of the skin and sclera of the eye because of accumulation of bilirubin in blood.
  • 2nd most important point to remember is pain in right upper quadrant of abdomen.
  • Unexplained weight loss or weakness.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue and nausea


People who get to end stage of liver disease lost many main functions of liver like production of red blood cells, blood clotting factor, system for wasting waste material from the body become disturbed. These people might experience very serious symptoms like:


  • the process of body to control bleeding from injury become difficult for lack of blood clotting factors.
  • High level of bilirubin even disturbs the skin. Some of its quantity start to accumulate in the skin and cause itching
  • Loss of sex drive,shrinkage of testicles or enlargement of breast because of disturbance in sex hormones.
  • Accumulation of large volume of fluid in abdomen which is also called ascites. furthermore, confusion or lethargy because of elevation of ammonia level in blood.
  • Muscle starts to waste away because of decrease in production of muscle protein.


If you experience any of these symptom more or less, you must pay attention to it. Go to a specialist doctor immediately to get it checked and avoid any serious condition in future.

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