Things you need to know about epilepsy

by Asima Butt
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Things you need to know about epilepsy

Epilepsy is something that is confused with febrile fits in children. It also affect a small number of population because of multiple causes. Today this article will guide you about what is this problem all about. Usually what kind of causes and symptoms are involved regarding this problem. And how can you manage this problem and what are possible treatment for this brain abnormality?


What is epilepsy and its symptoms?


Epilepsy is the problem in brain which shows abnormal behaviour in normal brain is abnormal and random nerves activity in bran which is unprovoked Moreover it is actually defines as group of related disorders that usually results in periodic seizures, abnormal sensation, emotions and even unconsciousness.


Seizure is not only about having involuntary body movement you might have heard or seen before. It could be change is a person’s sensory abilities like seeing, hearing, listening and even smelling. Furthermore,It has simplest to complex form which is sometime hard to distinguish between other neurological disorders. Simple form can be staring at the same time for very long and not even realizing it. Complex form can be change in behaviour, convulsions or loss of sensation.




There are multiple symptoms which make it a bit hard to diagnose epilepsy. Symptoms include:


  • loss of awareness or conscious
  • Abnormal change in behaviour,fear or anxiety
  • Convulsions which can be severe sometimes
  • Confusion
  • Staring at something for very long


There are different types of seizure which may involve different symptoms. Like there is a certain type in which a person might be staring at space without having unconsciousness about surrounding. In some types there is sudden loss of muscle control and a person might fall on the ground. Some are quite dramatic which involves convulsion that means abnormal shaking movements of body and unconsciousness.

A person shows different symptoms with different type of epilepsy. Sometime there is particular part of brain which is affected and all the abnormal changes are something that is control by that particular part. Patients of epilepsy tend to show same symptoms usually. If a person has continuous seizure state or more than one seizure within 2 hours then he need medical attention. Furthermore, provide him medical attention immediately if he hurt himself during this time or having breathing problems.

Febrile seizure/fits, symptoms and how to stop them?




  • Usually it is believed that epilepsy involves the genetic history as it tends to run in family. As a person might inherit defective genes from its parents and can develop this problem in his lifetime. Or it could be that genes are fine but the problem raised during the abnormal development of brain in womb of the mother.
  • It might also happen if a person had serious accident that affected his brain and its normal function.
  • It can also cause by some underlying health condition like brain tumor or stroke which might affect the normal brain functions. Furthermore some diseases that might be caused by infections can also disturb brains normal activity. Or certain medication can play the role as well which has been taken for so long.


Usually people who have following conditions are quite greater risk to develop this brain problem. People with this disorder are usually have greater risk of other complications. As they can have a sudden episode of seizure so they should avoid driving or swimming



You may asked to undergo certain test to confirm the diagnosis of epilepsy like CT scan, EEG, routine neurological exam, blood test and MRI. These test may reflect some abnormal nerve activity, brain injury, tumor or infections.


Treatment or management:


Usually this is treatable and patients are prescribed with anti-epileptic medications that can help in making situations better. As it can help someone completely and he might never experience seizure again after certain period of course. Some people may feel the obvious change in decrease in severity and episodes of seizures. Well this medication is not good for woman who is pregnant and it can cause fetal defects and abnormal development. Pregnant ladies should consult doctor before getting pregnant so they can get proper guidance for this purpose.


People who doesn’t show much of the response to medication and sometimes suggested to go under a brain surgery. Doctors actually remove the certain part of the brain which is causing seizures. But this is not very reliable as it has many risk factors and your other normal functions can get disturbed.

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