RoohAfza Sharbat Recipe/Ramadan Special Gift

by Asima Butt
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RoohAfza Sharbat Recipe/Ramadan Special Gift



This is a Ramadan special gift. It is usually made in Pakistan but people who lives outside the Pakistan or an other country can’t get their hands on it because it’s not available worldwide. In some countries it is imported but as an imported product it gets very expensive and you can’t afford it for daily use. So these topic is specially for those people who love this drink but because of not being in region they can’t get it.

I will introduce very easy and simple step to make it at home less than in ten minutes and you can enjoy it any weather and any time specially in Ramadan.




  • Mixed fruit energile pack

  • One big pan or dish

  • Sugar (2 kilos)

  • water


preparing sugar syrup

First you need to take water in a deep dish and boil it properly. Now put it off from the stove and let it cool down a bit. Now take another deep dish and put two kilos of sugar in it. Add four glass of water in it. Now put it on flame until the sugar melts. Let it be on heat for almost 10 to 12 minutes. During boiling you will see the boiling bubbles on top of the dish. When all of these bubbles are settled down that means you content is ready to use.

Now take it away from stove and let it cool down completely.Pour the whole packet of energile powder in another glass bowl and put some water in to make

putting energil in the syrup

a homogeneous mixture. Mix it properly so no chunks are remaining. After that add this energile mixture in sugar water that was prepared before when it’s cooled down. Finally, the real serup is ready.

Add 5-6 big tablespoons in a jug and add water accordingly. Now this drink is ready to be served.You can even add some lemon in it to make it more beneficial.

In Ramadan usually it is difficult to take simple water on its own so if you take this drink so you can get better re hydrated as a person can take flavoured drinks more than that of simple water. Try not to take it in excess as lot of sugar is not good for health.


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