Top home remedies to relieve menstrual pain

by Asima Butt
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Top home remedies to relieve menstrual pain

Well we all women are quite aware of this pain as it is not very pleasant even if it is dull. Well 75 percent of ladies experience this while rest are lucky one to not feel this pain. Usually intensity of pain go away with age or after giving birth.

This article will help you to understand why we feel this pain during our monthly cycle and what you can do in home remedies to relieve it. If this home remedy doesn’t work then you are left with only option which is some pain relieving medication. Well using frequent use of these type of medicine is not very healthy and pleasant. So it is always better to try some natural ways first to get rid of this pain in few minutes.


Why we feel this menstrual pain?


This pain/ cramp is usually because of contraction of uterine endometrium which cause alternate contraction and relaxation cycle to release blood from vaginal opening.

This very process is facilitated by release of a hormone called prostaglandins which cause this contractions. When it is released in high amount then you might feel extra pain in lower back, belly and hips. You can even experience delay in digestion due to upset stomach,bloating or loose stools.


Some of the home remedies that you can do are mentioned below:


  • The very first thing we might all have tried before is he use of hot pads or bottles. In this process heat actually helps to relax the muscles and provide soothing feelings.
  • Keep yourself warm and avoid taking cold beverages. As cold can trigger more contraction and in return pain so avoid eating or drinking anything cold.
  • Hot beverages can help a lot during this time but try not to take caffeine or alcohol. Try taking some herbal tea which actually has a small amount of estrogen which helps to relieve these cramps.
  • Women who usually use birth control pills feel less or no pain during menstrual cycle. Which is because small amount of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Try to massage your lower back and belly with essential oil and it might help your pain to the great extent.
  • It is an old remedy to mix 2-3 small pinches of turmeric powder in hot milk. Turmeric has particular anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties which help our body to reduce pain. It’s very small quantity will also help to improve digestion during this process.
  • Use of magnesium in diet or as supplement will also reduce the menstrual pain.
  • Some doctors also suggest taking vitamin E capsule as supplements and they are also involved in reducing the risk or menstrual pain.
  • Usually taking rest will improve your condition while some people feel better with distraction.
  • If you don’t feel any relieve from any of these home remedies then you can take some over the counter painkiller pills like ibuprofen or aspirin.


If you never tried remedies before and take painkillers directly then you should must give these home remedies a try. This might change your condition once and for all.

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