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This is a very common problem is old age people but it is not necessarily limited to them. It can happen to young people to due to lack of minerals or hormones in the body. Many people suffer from this disease and mostly don’t even know about it. Because it doesn’t show much of the symptoms at the start until there is significant pain or fracture is involved.

Today this article will educate you with a very common health problem which is called osteoporosis. Is usually can affect both gender but it significantly affects women more than men. You will learn some important information, causes and how you can manage your symptoms as well.


What is osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis is health problem of bones which is caused by loss of bone substance or body is not making enough bone. Which can be due to reduced density of bone that results in reduced strength and bones become vulnerable to easy bone fracture.

Your bone consists of collagen, calcium and elastin and calcium which make it structure like a honeycomb. When for any reason your bone starts to get weak then spaces between honeycomb like structure is significantly increased. This is how it is easily compressible, brittle and weak which can break on just coughing, sneezing or bending.




  • It can cause by multiple reasons as our body advance we start to decrease certain level of mineral and hormones that are important for bone health maintenance. Old age is usually involved with this significant lack in minerals and hormones.


  • Osteoporosis causes can also be due your genetic or family history of osteoporosis. It is more common in women than men as bone density is naturally higher in men than women. Furthermore, Asian and white people are more vulnerable to this health problem.


  • This health problem is also rises in women who are undergoing or have gone through menopause. As estrogen level is significantly decreased in women going through menopause which can cause bone and muscle weakness.


  • Overactive thyroid hormones or treatment that are causing increased level of thyroid hormone is blood can also lead you toward bone weakness. Furthermore other glands like parathyroids gland and adrenal gland in its hyper phase also increase the risks for osteoporosis.


  • osteoporosis risk is also higher in people with certain underlying health conditions like cancer, kidney or liver disease, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory bowel diseases.


  • Some treatments and medication for cancer, thyroid problems and transplant rejection can also increase the risk for osteoporosis.


  • Moreover, if our diet in not good or there is lack of Vitamin D and calcium in our diet that can also lead to bone weakness as well.





Symptoms usually involves easily bone fracture which is not common during normal condition like simple coughing can cause fracture in this condition. Other symptoms you could experience like pain in certain area where bone fracture has happened but it is not detected yet. Pain is major symptoms with or without detectable bone fracture usually involves hips, wrist and vertebra. Or person feel pain in bones in certain position or while moving in certain manner. In some cases certain reduction in height has also been reported because of weak and compressible bones.




You need to consult your doctor if you feel following symptoms or suspect having this health problem because of possible causes.you doctor might ask you to get following tests like bone density test or X-ray to see any possible fracture in area causing pain.

According to the diagnosis and severity your doctor will suggest you a proper treatment. If your test show certain level bone fracture or risks for that then he may prescribe you biphosphonates therapy and hormonal therapy which includes estrogen . These treatment often comes with some side effects as well which need to properly monitored to avoid further complications.

There are other medication as well with less side effects but your doctor will suggest your treatment according to your condition.Your doctor might suggest you some other advice as well related to your diet, weight, exercise, lifestyle and supplements etc.


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