Foods that lower cholesterol level naturally

by Asima Butt
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Foods that lower cholesterol level naturally


Today this article will discuss about normal and abnormal values of cholesterol level and what you can do some preventive measure to reduce it naturally. It involves the change of your diet that you must need to do in order to bring down its value as it can complicate the body’s health later.when you decrease your cholesterol level so it automatically will help you to reduce weight as well. So you can also take these food if you are tried to reduce your weight which could or could not be because of high cholesterol level. But usually obesity or being overweight is accompanied by high cholesterol level in the body.

Normal cholesterol level is important in the body like other components present in tissue or blood. Cholesterol has very importance for structural point of view as it is the main building block of cell membrane. It is synthesized by animal cells and there are healthy and unhealthy types of lipids as well.


The level of cholesterol is actually the amount of cholesterol found in your blood and it normal level is usually below 200 mg/dL. When this level fall in the range of 200-239 mg/dl then it is the alarming sign that you need to control your cholesterol in diet as it is a border line level.furthermore, if it is more than 239mg/dl then your cholesterol is severely high and you are at potential threat for heart or kidney disease etc.


Common complication:

It is a condition when your cholesterol level becomes so high in the body that it start to stick with wall of blood vessels and cause narrowing of lumen of blood vessels. This can decrease the blood flow to a certain level which can become a life threatening situation in the body. Moreover it can even block the vessel and block its supply as well.


Food that can help you to lower the cholesterol level in your body:


  • Fruits and vegetable:

Well you can start taking more fruits and vegetable in your diet to lower the low quality fats in your body. Plus , they have abundance in fiber which will also lower the cholesterol level in your body. More fiber will also decrease your intake of food as it keep you full for long.


  • nuts and legumes:

Dry fruits like almond, walnut and legumes are rich with proteins and they are the best source to lower unhealthy fats in your body. Moreover they have other very important nutrition that will improve your healthy overall.


  • Olive oil:

The best thing you can do to lower your cholesterol level is replacing the unhealthy fat that you daily use in cooking your food. You can simply replace it with the famous olive oil. It contain monounsaturated lipids and will help you to lower that bad and unhealthy lipids. This oil is also very good in reducing the weight. Try to cut down on clarified butter and margarine.


  • Oatmeal and barley:


These both have beta glucan which is mainly involved in lowering blood cholesterol level. Its regular intake can help you to reduce the absorption of unhealthy fat into the body which in return decrease the cholesterol level.


  • Tea:


Green, brown or white tea also have cholesterol level lowering effects. They have such components like quercetin and catechins which are involved in cholesterol formation and absorption. They are also involved in regulating blood pressure and reducing weight.


  • Garlic:

Yes garlic is something that we use in our daily cooking ingredients. This is also involved in lowering unhealthy lipids in body and lower the blood pressure as well. So keep using it in your diet so it will keep your cholesterol level down and will further help to decrease it.


  • Quit alcohol and smoking :

Alcohol and smoking also involved in raising your cholesterol level in the body. You should cut down your alcohol to minimum and definitely quit smoking to make a change in your cholesterol level.


  • Exercise:

This is one of the important and main key to lower your excess fats or lipids in the body. Try to adopt a lifestyle in which you can do a 20 minutes morning jog or exercise regularly.


Home remedies:


  • You can prepare this tea by add one teaspoon of garlic powder and one teaspoon of green tea in hot water. If you want to add flavour then you can add few drops of honey and take in afternoon. This will help to cut down your unhealthy lipids in the body


  • you can take fruit salad which include apple, banana, grapes and  pomegranate and take it in breakfast or any time you can eat the full bowel. This is a very healthy addition of fiber in your diet.

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