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this article is beneficial for all kind of people. Every child ,teenager and even adult should consider this article. As we will introduce you with a recipe that is not only good for your health but it will remarkably improve your eye sight.


All kids who study must eat this to save themselves from glasses or minor eye sight weakness. If you already have glasses so this recipe will prevent the further increase in your glasses number. it is basically dry seeds which are very beneficial for your eyesight.

Usually people have to get laser surgeries to get rid of glasses but if you have minor problems that cause only shoulder pain and headache then this is also very effective for you. Try to make it an important step of your daily life. Here are some very easy steps to make it at home:



  • 4 maghaz seeds (100 gram)

  • Rock sugar     (250 gram)

  • Cardamon seeds (10 gram)

  • Fennel seeds

  • White pepper

  • Almonds (100 gram)

  • Walnuts (100 gram)



First of all you need to clean all the seeds and try to roast 4 maghaz seeds on a hot plate or pan so there won’t be any kind of germ in it. Grind these seeds in a grinding machine and get fine ground form in a bowl.

Then take almonds and walnuts together and grind them as well to get their powder form. Take 100 grams quantity for each. Then add this fine powder in 4 maghaz powder.


After that put 10 gram cardamon and 2 tablespoon of fennel seeds in a grinding machine as grind them well. Then add a little bit or 1 teaspoon of white pepper in this mixture and mix it for almost 2 minutes. So all the ingredients get dissolved in it.

As these ingredients can taste bad if their big particles are being chewed so try to grind them in a very fine form.

After that mix all the powder together and your recipe is ready.

Put it in a big air tight container or the jar for convenience use.



You need to eat one tablespoon of it ever night or morning with Luke warm milk. You can give it to your kids from age 6 to onwards at anytime. This is not only for weak eyesight people but for all kids and adults as well. As this recipe will improve overall health.


Benefits of ingredients:

Ingredient used in this recipe will even help to develop the brain properly in kids. It will keep their eyesight protected and if it is weak so it will stop the further increase in its weakness.

These seeds are rich with legumes, protein, essential fatty acids, amino acids and very important nutrients that we basically need to get from our food.

These seeds powder will resolve many digestive problem and it fight cancer as well. Most of the seeds used in it have anti-inflammatory and microbial properties that will heal your wounds, any kinds of swelling and fight against infections.

This is also rich with antioxidant that will protect the skin, hair, nail and eyes from damaging rays of sun.


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