Menopause, symptoms and things you need to know about it

by Asima Butt
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Menopause, symptoms and things you need to know about it

Menopause is not a disease or disorder but is a natural process that all women have to go through it. It is actually end of the reproductive cycle and a women can’t bear child after that. Every woman has her own time as average age for menopause is 40. but it is not necessary as so women get menopause even after 40 or some can get it before time.


This article will talk about details and it will provide you with some important information that you need know. Menopause is also linked with number of symptoms and it can give rise to some other health complications as well.


What is menopause?


Menopause is the time when women have not got her periods for at least a year and this is the true menopause. While when a women going through this process then it is called perimenopause.


Why it happens?


Female body has ovaries which produce eggs half of her life and they also produce estrogen and progesterone to support regular periods, pregnancy and many other things. At with passage of time female ability to produce these hormones becomes decreased to significant level. At start in perimenopause stage, she might experience irregular periods or no periods at all. Or she might get her periods months apart.


Premature menopause:

Furthermore, if a woman get menopause before the average time then it is called premature menopause. It can caused by multiple reasons which include unknown failure of ovaries that are responsible for production of hormones. Or it can be caused by surgically removal of ovaries which can be with or without uterus. This surgery is performed due to underlying health condition like, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer or endometriosis.


After 40 this is one of the biggest thing which reflects towards menopause. This means she is not ovulating every month and she might start to feel other symptoms as well.



There are multiple symptoms related to menopause which includes sudden hot flashes, intolerance to heat, irritability, irregular periods or no periods at all.

Further it includes symptoms like lack of sleep, mood swings, vaginal dryness, poor bladder control, weakness of muscles, joint or muscle pain and lack of libido.

Not all women experience these symptoms as some might experience severe or some may experience a few. If you face following or any symptoms given above that you can guess your condition that why is it happening. Or you can mark the date when you skipped periods as well.


Other health complications related to menopause:


Because there is certain reduction in female hormones then there are some complication that may raise in your body. Very first complication could be osteoporosis which is caused be significant decrease in estrogen hormone. As body starts to use mineral from bone and bone tarts to get weak. At this time female body is very vulnerable towards joints or muscles pains.

Other complications may include poorly controlled bladder, poor muscle tone and skin starts to loosen up because of decreased muscle tone. You need to consult your medical doctor who can suggest you number of treatment according to the severity of symptoms.

Precautions and home remedies:

As you know body’s progesterone and estrogen level has decreased so you can try to increase them natural through your diet or supplements. You can start taking foods like vegetables like yams, salary, kale and carrots.

Furthermore, try to take fruits like apricot, oranges, peaches, strawberries and dry fruits as well. Also don’t hesitate to take plenty of milk and do proper exercise to keep your weight in normal range. You can also take legumes, barley, soy product and olive oil to improve the estrogen and progesterone level in your body. Also, take supplements that can fulfil your body need by prescription of your doctor.

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