Is breasts pain/tenderness alarming for women?

by Asima Butt
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Is breast tenderness or pain is alarming for women? what is alarming and what is not?

Breast tenderness and pain something you must experience in your life as it is very common in women. But you must be aware of the knowledge that what is normal and what is not. You must have heard that breast tenderness and lump are related to breasts cancer. It is true in a way but not all type of breast tenderness or pain is relates to the cancer. Sometime it is physiological and sometimes it might be because you might be doing something wrong that causing you pain.


Today this article will talk about some common mistakes a woman might be doing that causing her breast hurt. Or what are the time and symptoms in which breast tenderness is normal and you should not worry about. Also, in what cases you should be worried and take an appointment to your doctor immediately.

things that can possibly cause breast tenderness:

  • Menstrual cycle:


Usually it is very common to get breast tenderness or soreness around the time of ovulation. Usually women can’t know the time of ovulation but it is estimated as mid of the cycle. Pain before your menstruation is physiological and normal. This often goes away after the periods or within few days.


  • Growing breasts:


When you are going through changes in secondary sex characteristics you can also feel breast tenderness. So it common and normal when your breast has started to develop or still growing in puberty. There is nothing much to be worried about and you can massage your breast in a very gentle and circular motion. This will promote the effective growth and reduced pain.


  • pregnancy:


When a woman get pregnant so she is going through many changes in the body. These changes also involves breast as it is getting prepared for the baby for breastfeeding. This is also a common sign of pregnancy which is accompanied with further nausea, vomiting, fatigue, missed periods and peeing more than normal.

  • Breastfeeding:


Breastfeeding need a right technique otherwise wrong method can cause pain and soreness in breasts. So if you are breastfeeding your baby then it is not very uncommon to get mild tenderness.

But breastfeeding tenderness can be a bit alarming as it can be a sign of infection, blockage of milk ducts or swelling with flu like symptoms. Also if you milk is overproducing then it can lead to tenderness and blockage of duct.


  • Birth control medication:


If you are taking certain birth control medication to prevent pregnancy then it can also cause breast tenderness. As it is continuously maintaining the constant level of progesterone and estrogen in the body. This can further lead to weight gain and irregular periods of random bleeding.

Also, if you are under some hormonal therapy or taking treatment for infertility. These type of medication can also induce breast tenderness.


  • Wrong size bra:


It is very important part and many women are making this mistake unknowingly. You need to know the right size for you bra as no compatible can induce breast tenderness. As you breast has quite fatty tissues which needs support and if your bra is not providing that then it can cause the problem. You can even feel pain in shoulder and back due to this especially if you have big breasts.


  • Concussion or injury:


If you got struck by something hard or got injury around this area so might get tender breast as well. Furthermore, if you got strain in your pactorlis major muscle which is present beneath the breast. Pain can also radiate from breast to shoulder and arm.

Also, pay attention if you have any type of bruise or changed color patch. Then you need to consult your doctor for sure.


Alarming signs:


If you have breast tenderness then you should keep some points in your point which are alarming. You should consult your doctor immediately


  • If you can feel the hard lump or lumps in form of cluster in breast which with or without pain.
  • if you get any type discharge from the nipples.
  • If pain is not fading and it even causing you swelling and burning.
  • Chills or fever

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