Insomnia, how to treat this condition?

by Asima Butt
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Insomnia, why you get this problem?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that disturb a small number of population. It is described as lack of sleep or no sleep as a person with this problem find it quite hard to go to sleep easily. Furthermore, he can also can’t stay asleep for continuous hours and often wake up early. Also, he can wake up in mid night and can’t go to sleep again.


This problem can be sometime for unknown reason like there is no underlying cause for it. You might have this problem for so long but your all other reports are normal. This can also happen for some underlying health condition like allergies, cancer,asthma and some food or medication that can interfere with quality of sleep.


People who have insomnia for no detectable causes is called primary insomnia and people who have this trouble because of some underlying health condition is called secondary insomnia.

There are two types of insomnia like acute insomnia which might be for short period of time and get resolved itself. while chronic insomnia  might stay for a long period of time.




A person need to have certain symptoms for this problem like:


  • trouble sleeping at night
  • Waking up early in the morning
  • Waking up at midnight and trouble falling sleep again
  • Overall tiredness during the day
  • Sleepy condition during the day
  • Hard to focus on things
  • Poor memory
  • Bad mood during the day or easily irritable




There are multiple reasons that can be keeping you awake all night. If you are taking long naps at night or your sleeping scadual is not regular then it might give you hard time with sleep at night. Eating heavy meals or alcohol can also disturb the sleep patterns.

Furthermore anxiety, depression or thinking about something that is bothering you can deprived you from sleep. Moreover certain medication that are usually used for allergies,cold or flu can disturb the quality of sleep. Pain or discomfort due to some illness can play the major role for insomnia.

You might have the problem with room temperature that is not according to the weather. It might be very cold or hot for you that is causing you trouble to sleep. Noise and light can also bother you to take a good night sleep.




1-Usually people have this problem occasionally shouldn’t take medication as it can resolved itself. But if you have this problem for quite long that is disturbing your normal daily routine or causing you health related discomfort. Then you should take some prescribed sleeping pills that can help you to fall asleep for certain period of time.

You should never take any random or over the counter sleeping pills for long period of time without the advice of your doctor.


Your doctor might prescribe you something which doesn’t have any side effects during the day time like laziness, lethargy or drowsiness.


  • Your doctor also might ask you to make a regular sleep cycle. As you should go to sleep everyday on some particular time and at least take 6-8 hours of sleep at night.


  • Do not stay awake at night as it has the major role in disturbing your sleep cycle and it can cause insomnia in many teenagers who don’t follow a regular routine.


  • do yoga or relaxing exercises that can help you in sleeping. Also, if you are not tired enough throughout the day can rise this problem. You should do good exercise 3-4 hours before sleep and that will make you tired and easy to fall asleep. These exercise also help you to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.


  • Try to take magnesium flake bath that will help to relax the muscle and you might fall asleep. Some doctors also prescribe supplement to people with insomnia but you should not take it without advice of the doctor.
  • Also, take massage of essential oil like lavender oil which will also promote relaxing throughout the body and will improve the quality of sleep.
  • Avoid taking alcohol or heavy meals just before the sleep time as the can disturb your sleep.
  • Also, if you tend to listen something relaxing or read , so this can also make you fall asleep. But be aware of the loud and fast music as it can have opposite impact.




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