Hypothyroidism, causes,symptoms and treatments

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Hypothyroidism, causes,symptoms and treatments


Today this article will guide with some common points like what is thyroid gland, what happen when it performs in overly manner. As thyroid can overwork the body which is called hyperthyroidism or gland fails to work efficiently at all which is called hypothyroidism. We will discuss about the later term mentioned above here and when to get alarm when you notice certain symptoms. Luckily it is treatable and you don’t need to get worry on that.

Many people have this issue but might not note it because of unawareness. Like usually women with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism more often get irregular periods. So if you continuously get this problem you should discuss it to your doctor about it.



What is thyroid and how it works?


Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located on the front of the neck which can be palpated easily especially when it is swollen. This gland is involved in release of two main metabolic hormones called T3 tri-iodothyronine and T4 tetraiodothyronine. They both are involved in keeping the normal metabolic rate in body which requires energy by protein. Stimulation of these hormone is regulated by thyroid stimulating hormone TSH by pituitary gland.

When your thyroid gland is not producing enough T3 and T4 hormone then your body fails to perform certain functions.you may not notice any difference at first stage and mix them with normal things. Symptoms may become prominent when your hormones become severely low.


Causes of hypothyroidism:

  • Hypothyroidism could be cause by multiple reason which involves poor diet nutritional diet which contain less or no iodine. As iodine is an important component of thyroid hormones and if it not sufficient then it can result in low-level of T3 or T4. This is actually present in iodized salt and some sea plants.
  • Furthermore,Hypothyroidism could also cause by some by birth defects in a baby. It is possible that baby have defective thyroid gland and it was made this way. This thing only results in low thyroid hormone. These kind of baby usually start to show symptoms in quite start like short stature and poor growth or development.
  • This issue also arises with treatment of hyperthyroidism as treatment like medication and surgery. These treatment are performed to decrease thyroid hormones over activity and can result in low activity or activity below the level to meet body’s need.
  • Another main reason to get hypothyroidism is having abnormality in pituitary gland which is responsible for production of TSH. This hormone is involved in production of thyroid hormones.any kind of abnormality in pituitary can also raise this problem in a human.
  • In rare case, this can be triggered by autoimmune diseases, which can destroy body’s own natural cells or tissue. So thyroid could be the target of this problem as well and result in loss of thyroid gland’s normal functions.


Sign and symptoms:

Your sign and symptoms become noticeable on quite later stage of this issue. Furthermore, you may notice sudden weight gain , tiredness and general weakness. It also includes slow heartbeat, poor memory, high level of cholesterol, muscle and bone weakness, pain related to joints, poor tolerance to low temperature and depression.

In extreme condition this issue can be life threatening because of low blood pressure , cold body and slow heart rate. When your thyroid gland is not producing enough hormones to match up body’s need then your brain consistently keep sending message to your gland to produce hormone. In this way thyroid gland over work and may become enlarged in size which called goiter and it results in swollen neck.

If this problem happen to infants or teen than your notice poor brain development, poor body growth and delay in puberty or development of secondary sexual characteristics.


Hypothyroidism, causes,symptoms and treatments


Main treatment regarding hypothyroidism is proper dose of synthetic thyroid hormone based medication like Levothyroxine. These type of drugs help to maintain the normal body’s function just like a natural T4 or T3 could have done.. Main trick for this treatment is proper dosage as each person has a different requirement for this synthetic hormone according to the severity. Your doctors are supposed to work on the right dosage and annual check of its dosage and response from the body.

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