How to manage bartholin gland swelling or cyst?

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How to manage bartholin gland swelling or cyst?


What is bartholin gland?


It is a gland that is present on each side of the vaginal opening an its main purpose is secretion to provide lubrication and moisture to the vagina. Which also makes a certain level of PH in vagina and help kill germs.

When for some reason opening of these glands get narrow or obstructed then fluid start to accumulate within gland. So the become swollen and tender when get in touch with anything. Furthermore, if this fluid within gland get infected by bacteria then it cause infection. In infection you might be able to see pus within the gland or around the infected tissue which usually needs draining.



  • Tenderness or painful due to inflammation or infection
  • Painful intercourse
  • Sometimes burning during urination
  • A visible lump near the vaginal opening
  • Feel pain while sitting or walking


These symptoms are quite typical and this is a medical condition which can get resolved itself. You can also do some home remedies to reduce the inflammation and pain. But if they don’t have effect for 2-3 days or you don’t see any improvement then contact your doctor for proper course of treatment.




Its main cause is due to multiple type of bacteria/infection or the injury or irritation of soft tissue around that area. Women can also get this through sexually transmitted disease during intercourse. Furthermore, other vaginal infections which cause severe itching that can damage the soft tissue and make it more vulnerable.

Poor hygiene can also play an important role or not change sanitary pad on time during menstruation.


Diagnosis and Management:


Your doctor might do your pelvic examination and take the swipe sample to confirm diagnosis. Moreover, she might check you temperature as well to see if there is any infection.


Usually, it doesn’t need emergency medical attention and you can take some steps to reduce the symptoms. If can get resolved itself at home with some self-care. Medical treatment carried out according to the size of cyst, pain or discomfort.


  • First you can sit in warm water for three to four times in day as this will help to reduce the inflammation and swelling. Also, keep the vaginal surrounding dry. This will promote the effective drainage of pus.
  • You can also use some over the counter painkillers like ibuprofen, acetaminophen to reduce the pain. Also , there are some OTC antibacterial and steroid based ointment are available as well. That can help to decrease the inflammation and infection of the soft tissues.if pus drains itself properly then there is no need for antibiotics.
  • Keep the area clean and dry so there is effective application of medication and it will promote healing.
  • Avoid itching or intercourse during this time to ignore further inflammation.
  • If your cyst doesn’t drain in few days then your doctor might surgically drain it by sanitize way to eliminate chances for infection.
  • In very rare and severe cases, doctor might suggest you to remove batholin gland.
  • Drink plenty of food and take good care of urinary tract as well.
  • Also be hygienic and use condom while having intercourse to avoid bacteria.


 Home remedy:


You can do some home remedy to get rid of the bacteria or inflammation. Use castor oil, coconut oil or tea tree oil and swipe the area with a cotton ball. Do not over do it just swipe the cotton ball once or twice to clean the area. These oils are microbial and anti-inflammatory so they can bring down the inflammation and may facilitate the drainage.

Furthermore, it keep the area soft which can avoid the discomfort during walking or sitting.

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