How to increase calcium level in our body

by Asima Butt
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How to increase calcium level in our body

We all know the importance of calcium in our body and it perform so many functions in the body. Without adequate calcium in our body,  normal life routine is not possible. When we lead to advance age many nutrients along with calcium start to decrease in the body. This reduction is quite prominent when after menopause in women.


 What is calcium and its functions?


Calcium is a chemical element in our body that perform many important functions in any living organism. We need to take particular amount of calcium in our diet to perform normal function in daily life.

It is responsible for healthy bone and teeth as it makes up the most part of it. Moreover, calcium is involved in hormone secretion and maintain normal communication level between nerve endings for transmitting message to the brain or body. Also, it plays an important role in somatic movements in which is release from SPR is necessary.

When we have less calcium in our body for any reason then body start to take it from bones to fulfil body’s need. In return we start to experience weak bones which can lead to osteoporosis especially in women.


Causes of low calcium level:


  • Poor nutrition or decrease intake of calcium in diet
  • Hypermagnesemia or hypomagnesemia
  • Hormonal change especially in women after menopause
  • Low level of vitamin D which is involved in effective absorption of calcium in the body.
  • Kidney failure that also disturb the electrolyte balance.
  • Certain medication that cause decrease in calcium level.


Symptoms of low calcium in the body:


People with low calcium level often experience very easy bone fracture, muscle spasm, poor brain function regarding memory, confusion and hallucination. Some people experience numbness on fingers of hands. Moreover they notice weak or brittle hair and nails.


What you can do to increase calcium in body or how you can treat this condition naturally?

If you are diagnosed with severe type of calcium deficiency then you should consult a broad certified doctor so he can treat it thoroughly. But mild type of deficiency can be dealt with normal calcium supplements that are available in many forms or food that have abundance of calcium.


  • First thing you can do is trying to take dairy products containing milk, cheese, yogurt and butter etc. Try to take ergo cheese as it has highest amount of calcium as compare to other types.
  • Green and leafy vegetables are the other main source of abundant calcium. Intake of these vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and spinach etc.
  • Egg yolk s the richest source of vitamin D in any diet. People with calcium deficiency should definitely make an addition of eggs in their breakfast.
  • Almond butter: almond butter has the most amount of calcium and it is also very good for reducing weight. As it is good for reducing cholesterol in the body.
  • Salmon/tuna/seafood: hypocalcemic people should definitely add salmon and tuna in their diet as they have abundance of vitamin D. Vitamin D increase the absorption of calcium in the body. Without it, effective calcium absorption is not possible. This is how it can build up the level of calcium in body.
  • Nut and legume: add nut and legume in your diet as well. They are also a good source of calcium. You should take at least a handful of nuts like almond, peanuts and walnuts in your daily routine.
  • Also, you should cut down your alcohol and coffee etc. As these decrease the absorption of calcium in body and make vitamin D effects less effective.
  • Moreover you can also add calcium supplements in your daily routine this one will also help to increase the calcium level. Make sure you take proper supplements with your doctor recommendation so it doesn’t cause you constipation complication regarding calcium supplements.

Home remedy:

you can add this home remedy by taking skim milk as it is free from extra fats. boil for at least 10 minutes and add handful of crushed almonds, walnuts in it. At the end add one teaspoon of almond butter in it and keep boiling it until the nuts get soft in the milk. Then take it off from heat and let it cool down and take this glass of milk every night 2 hours before going to sleep.

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