Natural Home Remedies For BACK PAIN RELIEF

by Asima Butt
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Natural Home Remedies For BACK PAIN RELIEF



Back pain is one of the very major and common problem in middle to elderly aged people. It is the only problem in elderly people. Sometimes even young people get affected by it and it cause can be anything. Most of the time people with nutrients deficiency get this joint or back pain.

This article will guide your through it causes, symptoms and some home remedies that you can do to get some relief. It usually fixed by resting and any surgery is not required usually.



Heavy weight lifting and funny posture :


Most of time time people with middle age feel this dull backache because of any heavy wait lifting or sudden change in posture. Sometimes being sitting or lying in certain position can trigger this pain.



This is usually cause by compression fracture. It means “porous bones”. When your body produce less bone or have lost much of it substance or both can be the reason. So your bones might fracture with even a single move like sneeze or fall.


Dislocation of spinal disc:

This is an important cushion between spinal vertebra but when some dislocation or damage occur to it so it also trigger back pain. You also feel it or certain position like bending  lifting something or on certain lying position.



This is also called spinal stenosis and give rise to lower back pain. It is not referred for some single disease, there are basically hundred types of joint pain or diseases that refers to arthritis. Which can occur in any age ,gender and race.

Skeletal irregularities:

It is also referred as scoliosis in which spine curves to one or another side from its normal position. It also give rise to certain back pain but it usually happens in old aged people.



Symptoms are any kind of back pain which involves the sharp or dull pain. Pain that radiates toward leg or pain that cause by certain body posture like bending, lifting weight or walking.

Back pain could also be caused by some muscle strain or muscle injury. Usually back pains get better with giving your body some rest.


Home Remedy:


  • garlic juice

  • water

  • Lemon



It is very easy to make this tea. You simple need to take garlic juice first. It can be obtained by grating or crushing garlic and filter its pulp from juice by applying pressure on garlic pulp.

We only need one tablespoon of garlic juice in a Luke warm water and add one tablespoon of lemon in it. Mix it well and your tea is ready.



You simply take this tea once a day and it should be take for consecutive three days for your back pain. If you think you are not feeling any difference in your pain than you can add two more days.

This will give you an instant relief within three days at least.

Make new tree every time you want to take it.

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