Calcium for Kids/ Super Foods for Strong Bones

by Asima Butt
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Calcium for Kids/ Super Foods for Strong Bones

This topic will focus on the health of your kids. This article will introduce the use of turnip, other fruits and vegetables. As turnip is rich with many important ingredient like vitamin K, A, C, B 1, B 3, B 2, B 5 and B 6.It is very important for people with vitamin D deficiency. As this vitamin help to absorb calcium. Even you have calcium but it will not absorb with its deficiency.

The fiber content in turnip prevents constipation and improve the digestive system. If you use this type of vegetable for your kids on daily basis so you can imagine how beneficial it could be for your kids.This vegetable has very important role in improving digestion, helping with cancer, weight loss,lowering blood pressure and increase the strength of bones.You can use its juice or present it in salad. In short you can try to increase its use in daily life so you can avail it benefits at its maximum.

This article will focus how you can make puree from turnip in some easy steps.





  • Turnip
  • Water
  • Honey



First of all we need to take turnip in a grated form in a bowl. Make sure you don’t peel if off. As its peels have very important nutrients that you do not want to miss.

After that you can make equal partition of the grated turnip and decide the quantity according to your baby’s age.

For example he/she is 3 years old then you should make 6 parts of turnip and give it your baby for 6 times.

Now you can put it in a deep pan and add two glass of water and put it on burner.

Wait till the turnip get soft after boiling.

If you want to give its juice to your baby so you should add more than 2 glasses.

You can simply filter its juice from pulp and you can give it to your baby.

Keep the flame at low heat so turnip get boiled properly. You should boil it for at least 20 minutes.

If you want to make puree of it then you should boil it till all the water gets dry.

Take the pulp of turnip in a grinding machine and grind it well.

Take one part of material out of six in a bowl and add a little bit of honey.

Now it is ready to be served for your baby.

turnip juice and puree

You can also add honey in juice for improving its taste.



You should start giving the excess amount to you baby jut like that. First you need to see if its suitable for your baby.

Give it a try with one glass and then another glass next day.

If you think your is not showing any bad symptoms or disturbance in his health then you can keep giving it to your baby.

You can give it to your baby 2-3 times in a week.

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