Habitual snoring, causes and home remedies to treat it?

by Asima Butt
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Habitual snoring, causes and home remedies to treat it?

Snoring is something which is more common in men than women. It is quite an annoying situation for your partner as it disturbs their sleep quality and daily routine of life. Snoring is produced by turbulent airflow which causes tissue of palate and throat to vibrate. Snoring can be caused by multiple reason and some people even tend to snore when they are over tired. Sometimes snoring is because of some underlying health condition or deformity.


So today this article will tell you what snoring is usually caused by and how you can managed it in daily life. Snoring is not something that need emergency medical situation and usually it is not treated until the health is concerned. It tends to happen more when you advance to the old age.




  • People who are overweight often tend to snore because of the increase in the thickness of tissue of throat. Which can cause disturbance in normal airflow and rise to a loud noisy sound.


  • It also can occur for time in people who are recently suffering from some throat infection, flu or common cold. As there is more phlegm production and blocked nose which can give rise to snoring while sleeping.


  • people who are undergoing some health condition like heart disease, blood pressure and obstructive sleep apnea which can give rise to this problem.


  • Snoring can also happen if you have some problem with anatomy of your nose or throat. Like if you have a deviated septum of nose which can block the normal air passage. Furthermore, people who have large uvula or soft palate can also interfere the normal airflow.


  • when you advance to the old age , there is a significant decrease in muscle tone of tongue and throat. They might get very relaxed during deep sleeping, under some effects of medication or alcohol. So you can also experience snoring during this time.


Treatment or management:


There is no certain treatment for snoring alone unless the health or some underlying health condition is concerned. Usually the reason which is causing snoring is dealt first which can reduce the snoring itself.


Some tools for effective airflow:

Also there are certain tools which are used to keep the airways open like mouthpiece or facial mask  that facilitate the maximum airflow. furthermore, there are also nasal strips which actually work as dilator that can increase the surface area of nose which can cause effective airflow.

Here are some home remedies and lifestyle that you can follow to reduce the snoring while sleeping:



Turmeric powder is very good antibacterial and antiseptic substance. If you mix two teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk so it can help you a little with snoring.



Olive oil has an anti inflammatory properties. It decreases the inflammation and swelling of nasal tissues. You can say in makes the more way for air to pass in to the throat. furthermore, You can mix half teaspoon of the honey with half teaspoon of olive oil and eat it. You will feel obvious result if you keep on using it at night before going to sleep.



Mix fresh garlic (ground form) with one teaspoon of olive oil. Massage it on your throat and chest before going to sleep. It will also relieve the symptom and uneasiness of snoring.




Mix 2-3 drops of mint oil in half glass of warm water and keep it in throat for a while and spit it out.It will surely help you with snoring. Keep using for a month.



Mix two teaspoon of honey in warm water. Drink it for a week. It will also ease your discomfort and decrease the inflammation.



Add one teaspoon of salt in warm water and drink it. It will be helping too. You can do it at night before sleep and you can do it in morning as well after you wake up.



  Warm up the clarified butter and add 1-2 drops of it in nose through a dropper. Keep repeating it for a week and It might give you an unpleasant smell but its results are for sure.



you should make a little bit changes in your sleeping style. It will surely help you to escape the discomfort from snoring. If you are used to sleep in same posture throughout the night then you should try to keep changing your sleeping position.



If you smoke or take any kind of sedative medicines that also cause snoring. You should try to avoid these and quit smoking. Some people even take sleeping pills. This also comes in sedative or drug abuse.try to stay away all of these. In short try to live a healthy lifestyle that will help you with so many issues.


 If you take flat pillow, that posture also causes narrowing of airways and it causes resistance in airflow. Try to take a bit thick pillow. In this way your head will be a bit higher and it can relieve the snoring symptoms.


If you want to get rid of snoring along with many underlying health issues so you should get very serious in quitting drinking alcohol. Furthermore,If you weigh more than normal weight range according to your age and height then you should take very serious steps to lose it.


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