Fish Oil For Joint And Muscle Pain

by Asima Butt
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Fish Oil For Joint And Muscle Pain


This article will explore the benefits of fish oil for different types of pains in body like wrist joint pain, knee joint pain, vertebral column joints , hip joint pain and shoulder pain as shown in the picture below.

We are well aware of the very common pain of muscles and joints in middle aged women and men. It’s not only common in middle aged women or men but young people can also get affected by it. But it is one of the major problem is people who go to works or ladies who are housewives.




Cartilage, is a thin type bone which covers the surface of other bones in joints through some flexible pads to prevent sudden jerks becomes rough. Along with getting roughened, it also become thin. When a person starts lacking some minerals and vitamins which are important to keep the bones strong also triggers these pains. Woman’s bones specially get weaker with age because of the decrease in estrogen hormone with age.

Any type of injury that cause sudden jerk to the joint can make it tender and painful. Sometimes the area even become red and swollen. Sometimes the pain in hands and wrist settle down after some week by its own but sometimes the stiffness or pain remain for long period of time. Pain of hip joints, spine or knees joints do not go that easily. They sometimes even restrict the normal movements as well.

So we will introduce a unique type of oil which help to relieve these pain symptoms.


How to make this oil?


You can simply get this oil by fry fish in it at least 4-5 times. This will leave some healthy ingredients of it in oil. It is sometime available in market as the name of fish oil. But we always prefer the homemade process.


How to use it?


you can simply use this oil by apply it on your affected area. For instance you have pain in your wrist joint which is more common. You simply need a sock. You can cut the upper part so it can make a band for your wrist and wear this after apply the oil on the wrist as shown in the picture:

In the same way if you have pain in knee joint then you can simply  cut an old leggings and wear and support it on your knee joint after applying the oil. You don’t necessarily need to cover your back for back pain. But there are belts for back pain are easily available in market.

Gently massage the painful are with this oil once in summer and twice or thrice in winter. Keep doing it for 2-3 weeks. This remedy will surely help to relieve your pain symptoms.

You can also massage your belly button and bottom of your feet to relieve pain symptoms.



 If your pain doesn’t go with this remedy then you need medication directions from a doctor. Because simple pains usually give good response to the home remedies but when it gets severe you must have some bad deformity and should get medical help. They usually recommend pain killers, NSAIDs, orthotic treatments, steroid injection in joints, physiotherapy and exercises. In sever cases they even have to go for surgery.

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