Canker sores causes and its treatment

by Asima Butt
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Canker sores causes and its treatment


Canker sore is something that you might have experience at least once in life. They are actually harmless but they are often got confused with cold sores. Canker sore are not usually cause by some bacteria but it is painful though. They are usually ulcer of mouth that cause by irritation or injury.


Definition of canker sore:

Canker sore are usually irritation or ulcers that are formed inside the cheek, on tongue, in soft or hard palate and gums. This is usually painful with white center and red elevated margins. They usually go away within one or two weeks and give your mouth tenderness and overall sluggishness.

If these canker sore are on cheek mucosa but very close to molar teeth then it might cause inflammation in teeth as well. If this condition get worse you might develop fever with or without swollen lymph nodes.


Why we develop canker sores in our mouth?


The main reason is actually not very well-known. But some researchers claim that it is usually because of injury or irritation of mucosa inside the mouth. It is not caused by some bacteria like other mouth sores.

You can irritate you mucosa with multiple things like brushing with hard bristles or toothpaste might have some ingredients that might irritate your skin. Or sometime the food especially which are citrus in nature like lemon, strawberry , apple or vinegar. Eating very spicy food can also trigger this problem and you need to avoid these things to get rid of them.

Or you can also develop canker sores because of some underlying health condition which is usually the main reason. Like poor nutritional diet, anaemia, gastrointestinal diseases,iron , vitamins or folic acid deficiency.


Treatment for canker sores:


Usually it is not something that need emergency medical attention. This might go away in one or two weeks but you can do something to reduce the inflammation and pain.

You might need immediate checkup if your mouth sore remain longer than 3 weeks or you develop fever and swelling on lymph nodes. Or pain is very bad that it is hindering the process of eating and drinking.

You can usually do some treatments at home for example use salt and baking soda water in your mouth for a minute. That will reduce the inflammation in few days.

You can also apply milk of magnesia on canker sore for 2-3 times in a day. Furthermore, there are topical ointment usually easily available in medical store. You can also apply one of them to reduce the inflammation and the pain.


Preventive measures:

1-You can avoid this to some extent by taking healthy diet and keep your nutritional stores filled. Which actually reduce the chances of many disease and problems automatically.

2-Moreover you can avoid using tooth-brush with hard bristles. Use the softer bristles instead and gently brush your teeth with it.

3-Make sure your tooth paste is not the reason for it as it might have some ingredients that are irritable for your mucosa.

4-Avoid taking food that has abundance of citric acid and try to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


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