Most effective home remedy for dust allergy

by Asima Butt
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Most effective home remedy for dust allergy


Dust allergy is actually a reaction which is triggered by dust mites that are usually present on dust particles. Warm and moist environment is favorable for increasing their number.


Cause of dust allergy:

dust mites

This reaction can be triggered in a person during cleaning or getting in some room or other house which has more dust with dust mites in it.

These dust mites eats dead skin cells that are usually shed by humans and warm and moist environment support their survival. They also live on bedding and furniture.



They can get access into a person’s respiratory system easily. It is usually accompanied by hay fever and runny nose. In some people it even triggers the asthma and eczema. People more sensitive to this allergen can also show symptoms of  nose irritation and urge to rub it, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, nasal congestion and pain etc.


Allergy is something you can get rid of it entirely but you can relief its symptoms to some extent. Today this article will guide you a simple home remedy through which you can control your symptoms. Also, you can save yourself from annoying rhinitis.

We will use some very natural and simple ingredients to get rid of this problem. It might not help you entirely in eradicating this problem but it surely will relief the symptoms.



  • nigella seeds

  • Honey

  • Ispaghol



Its method is quite basic and simple. You can simply add one teaspoon of nigella seeds with one teaspoon of ispaghol and mix it well. also, You can keep it in air tight container. Add one teaspoon of mixture with half teaspoon of honey when you need to relief your rhinitis or other symptoms related to dust allergy.



however, you can east less than half teaspoon of nigella seed and ispaghol mixture with honey after 2 meals in a day. You can do it specially when you feel like you’re getting its symptoms on and off.  it will be better to keep the mixture in air tight container but without honey in room temperature.

You can also take lees than half teaspoon when you think you are somewhere and getting affected by dust and its symptoms.




Nigella seeds also called cumin has very strong microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps the skin from any type of skin condition and infection. Which is why it is very useful for people with acne. These seeds are also very beneficial for people with pollen or dust allergy. Being strong microbial and anti-inflammatory, it relief the symptoms of dust allergy and its symptoms of rhinitis.


Nigella seeds are usually used for skin to fight acne. It has maximum power to improve the texture of the skin as it has essential fatty acids like lenoleic acid and lenoilenic acid. Our body can not produce these essential fatty acid by is own. We can fulfil its need by either applying or eating these seeds in our food.

These seed proved to be very good for oily skin. If it is used to scrub on your skin gently then it can unclog your pores and remove the dust and oil particles from it.

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