Boils, causes, prevention and treatments at home

by Asima Butt
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Boils, causes, prevention and treatments at home


What is a boil and its symptoms?


Boil is actually a painful bacterial infection that forms on skin in form of a hard and red elevation of skin which is called lump and after few day it starts to form white color pus in the center. This is a typical presentation of a boil as shown in the picture. Main bacteria which is responsible for this boil formation is staphylococcus bacteria.

This bacteria usually cause inflammation and infection in oil gland or hair follicles. It can appear in any part of the body but most common are face, back , shoulders, armpits, buttocks or pelvic region. It usually enter the skin by cut. Scar or through hair itself.

If this condition persist you might develop fever and swollen lymph nodes. If proper measurement are not take so it might start to spread the infection. You might start to get more boils around the previous one which is called carbuncle.


Causes of boils:


It causes cold be usually unhygienic conditions which give a favorable environment to the bacteria and its overgrowth. Some time it is also caused by some underlying health condition like diabetes etc.

Moreover boils can also cause by having poor nutritional diet which mean your body is lacking certain nutrition.


Treatment for boils:


Usually boils do not need medical attention and you can sort it at home with OTCs medication. But if you develop fever, or your boil is not draining or become more painful. Do not try to burst the boil until it has a face as it can spread more infection.

Warm or cold compress:


First thing you can do is apply warm or cold compress that will speed up the blood circulation. In return it will increase the healing process. If you do not even apply warm or cold compress, your boil will drain the pus anyway.


Drainage of boil:


If your boil has burst then facilitate the pus drainage by pressing on the skin around the boil and do not touch it directly.

Wound cleaning:


Then take less than half cup of water and add few drops of pyodine in it. It is one of the best antiseptic that you can use on wound or boils. Soak a cotton ball in it and clean your wound with it properly. After that apply some good broad spectrum antibiotic ointment on the wound and cover it with a gauze piece. Dressing will help to prevent the spreading of infection.

Keep changing the dressing at least twice a day and wait for your wound to get dry completely.when you notice a hard dry and dark clot on wound then you can take off the dressing. It will take one or two weeks for your wound to recover completely.




If your situation get worse with fever, swollen lymph node and carbuncle then you need to consult a doctor. He/she might prescribe you an antibiotic to bring down the infection and fever. Also, you might need some medication to relieve the pain and comfortableness.




If you get boils very often on your skin then you need to take some preventive measures to avoid recurrence.

  • Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle which involves to stay hygienic and take healthy diets.
  • Keep your clothes clean and keep changing your bed sheets. Use some non irritable detergents and skin care products.


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