Mastitis , causes, symptoms and treatment

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Mastitis , causes, symptoms and treatment


Many women especially who are breastfeeding their newborn can get this problem. It is not only common in breastfeeding women but a non breastfeeding women can also get this problem. It can also happen in men as well as it involves infection usually.

Today this article will give you some general knowledge and facts that you should know. Also, what are possible causes for this problem and what are some symptoms related to it. Also, how can you manage it with proper treatments.


If you suspect that you have this problem then do not stick to your home remedies as it is matter of your health and your baby. Consult your doctor immediately and take the proper guidance.


What is mastitis?


Mastitis is defined as the inflammation or swelling of the breast which could be caused by infection. Infection can get in the area through some broken skin. You might experience swelling, pain and redness on the breast.


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What are symptoms of mastitis:


Is usually involves redness, swelling, inflammation, pain and fever due to infection. You can also get flu like symptoms due to infection. Furthermore breast might change its color to reddish pink, warm to touch or overall feeling of being unwell.

If this condition go on untreated then you might get severe symptoms like high-grade fever with thick discharge from the nipple. Also this discharge is called abscess formation in nipple which need emergency medical attention as it usually require drainage through surgery.


Causes of mastitis:


Main reason for mastitis is infection as it cause swelling and inflammation of breast tissue. Bacteria might get into skin through injured skin, cracked nipple or through the baby’s mouth.

Also, if you have blocked milk duct then it can also become the attraction point for infection and inflammation.


Management for mastitis:


Your doctor will test the milk sample to see the type of infection and will treat it accordingly.Usually your doctor will give you antibiotic to reduce infection and there are certain antibiotic that you can use and breastfeed your baby as well.  Usually your doctor will recommend you to keep breastfeeding your baby as it will prevent from further blockage. They might also prescribe you some anti-inflammatory and painkillers to reduce pain symptoms.

Also if your condition does not show good response then your doctor might suggest you to go for breast tissue biopsy to rule out the possible risk for breast cancer. As mastitis and breast cancer are often confused with each other.

If you have a certain type of discharge from nipple then you are suggested to go for drainage as soon as possible.


Some prevention and home remedies to avoid mastitis:


  • First thing you need to remember is keeping the good hygiene of you and your baby to avoid infection.
  • When you are feeding you baby so try that breast get completely empty before moving to the other breast. If you think there is remaining milk then you can get it out through pressing or through pump. Also , keep changing the breastfeeding position promoting downward flow.
  • It is always best to get proper information and learn the proper technique for nursing as it can reduce the risk factors.
  • Also massage your breast gently while breastfeeding with warm hands, towel or essential oils.
  • Take small amount of turmeric powder in almond oil and apply it to your infected area.
  • Keep feeding your baby to avoid further blockage and inflammation. Or you can empty your breast through using breast pumps.
  • Apply mint leaves paste and aloe Vera gel on affected area to reduce the inflammation and infection.

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