almond drink/Ramadan Special Gift/ at home

by Asima Butt
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almond drink ,Ramadan Special Gift at home


This is the most outstanding drink out there with so many health benefits. It’s not just healthy for us but it tastes like heaven.As we can get almond in all seasons so we can get the benefit of this drink in all seasons as well. In summers we can add in water. In winter we can simply add it in milk. Almond is sold as raw or in roasted form and usually we get them from market as there shells are removed which makes it convenient for us.

Almonds are rich with so many nutrients that we cant even imagine. furthermore, It is rich with protein (6 grams), fiber (2.6 grams), fat (14 grams), vitamin E, magnesium and manganese. Moreover, it has adequate amount of phosphorus, vitamin B2 and copper.Almonds are loaded with antioxidant. Because of its so many benefits for health and amazingly developed in taste, today I am going to introduce how to make its drink.

There some easy ways step by step mentioned below:



  • Almonds (500g)

  • Char magaz seeds (500g)

  • Small elaichi (50g)

  • Fine filter strainer

  • One big deep pan



First of all we need to take the small elaechis in water and grind it in a grinder properly. And now boil it on stove for 10 minutes and after that let it dry for a while. Now take another big deep pan and put almonds in it and fill it water until all of them are dipped in it properly and boil it only for two minutes not for long. We are doing it so it’s easy to take it peel off easily.

After taking the peels off of almonds, we will come to the char magaz. Now wash the char magaz properly so no dirt particle are remaining in it and keep them dip in water.Add almonds on char magaz water and let them both be dipped in it for 20-30 minutes. Put the char magaz and almonds mixture in a grinder and blend it properly with water.

You need to stain it twice or thrice with a strainer and separate the pulp from pure/filtered liquid. You can blend the pulp again and repeat the separating process until you think you get all the almond juice from it. Repeat this process three times in each session. Now grind the elaichi with water and strain it as well and put the filtered liquid in almond juice. After that we need to strain whole mixture once again with fine strainer and get the pulp out of it.  now you can put it on stove and add sugar in it.


Boil with it with great care and keep mixing it. Be aware of the boils and keep boiling it on medium heat.Make sure you don’t make it very thick so medium thickness of liquid is just fine and its consistency is close to syrup.  At the last, you sharbat is ready and let a bit cool down completely.  Pour it in a bottle or jug and it is ready to be served.


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