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This article is specially for the mothers of newborn babies or toddlers who wear diapers. You must be aware of that diapers cause rashes on baby’s skin. This is very uncomfortable feeling for babies as well as this skin is sensitive. Now every time you wipe or put water on it, it might give babies a burning sensation. Moreover rash cream are usually quite expensive sometimes and it is not for sure that it will or will not suit your baby’s skin. So today this article will teach you extremely beneficial ingredients that you can mix together to make a natural homemade diaper rash cream.


Reason for rashes on bottom:


Babies or kids who wear diapers then it need special care. Like if baby has passed stools or pee then try to change the diaper immediately. Diaper causes moisture within the diaper and when baby pees or pass the stools then bacteria present in it get mix with the moisture of urine.Furthermore it breaks down the stool component into ammonia. Ammonia irritate the skin of babies and make it very sensitive. So this cause  the redness, bumps and irritation to ths skin.

This usually also happens if we delay in changing diaper for long.




  • Beeswax

  • Coconut oil

  • Zinc oxide




First of all you need coconut oil that you can get easily from market. Take 3 big tablespoon of coconut oil and put it on double boiler method. Double boiler method is procedure in which you give indirect heat to the mixture. Take a broad pan and boil water in it then place your bowl of mixture in it.

After that add one big teaspoon of beeswax and let it melt in coconut oil through indirect heat. Then take it off from heat and let it cool down a little bit. Then add half teaspoon of zinc oxide and beat the mixture for at least 2-3 minutes until it gets a smooth paste form. Try to blend it in a thick creamy form as shown in the picture. Now your baby rash cream is ready.




This is very important for your baby as it is natural so your baby won’t show any side effects to it. Apply a medium layer after every time you wash baby’s bottom. If your baby has rashes or allergy specially because of diarrhea so apply this cream. It has tremendous healing power and rashes will go away within 2-3 days.

Benefits of coconut and zinc in this cream?



Coconut has many properties like being anti-inflammatory, microbial which helps to keep the infections to the bay. Also, it has tremendous healing nature and relief the painful, irritation and inflammation cause by rashes.

Moreover it doesn’t let get babies skin dry over the time period.people has been using it for long in remedies to prevent rashes due to diaper.


Zinc oxide:


It is basically a white color fine powder which is usually used in factories for making plastic textile and cosmetics. Zinc oxide is frequently used in making natural and non irritating sunscreen. As it helps the skin against damaging rays of sun.

Well this is a tremendous healing component that you might or might not have heard it before. But must give it a try as it is the best ointment for infections, rashes, acne and burns.Also it has components that heal the superficial and dermal skin which is very helpful in burns. You can even use it to treat acne as it bring down the inflammation and swelling.

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