Anaemia causes,symptoms and how to deal with it?

by Asima Butt
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Anaemia causes,symptoms and how to deal with it?


As you must have this term as many people get affected this problem. It has many types and multiple causes but here we will focus on anemia which is caused usually by nutritional deficiency. More,over what this issue is generally and how you can deal its mild to moderate form. This is the article which will educate you with some common terms and general things you should know about it. This is why we are not discussing its types here.


what is Anaemia?

It is lack of red blood cells or haemoglobin in blood due to less production of red blood cells or faulty RBCs which fail to perform its normal function.

As we know red blood cells contain haemoglobin which carries oxygen in blood to the tissues and organs. Problem in any of the structure, number and function can disturb our body’s normal functions.


Reasons for anaemia:

  • Any problem which related to RBCs and haemoglobin can be involved in this cause. According to which it make different types as well.For example it could be the problem in bone marrow stem cells which are responsible for their production.
  • They might not be formed in adequate number according to body’s need.

3-Or enough RBCs are being formed but they are not healthy or fit enough for normal functions in the body like in sickle-cell anaemia.

4-Moreover it could be cause of lack of particular nutrients like iron, Vitamin B12 or folate etc which are important for their production.

5-Anaemia could be also cause by loss of blood in some injury or accident or other underlying health conditions.

6-This might occur to you because of heredity disease. Mean it came to you from your parents more probably.

7-this can also rise because of some autoimmune disease which involves destruction of Red blood cells.


  • Symptoms of anemia:

  • It usually have some common symptoms like pale skin, chest tightness, breathlessness, fatigue, headache, irregular heartbeat and lightheadedness. Symptoms might change according to the type of anaemia as some of the type may not show any symptoms at all. While some type like haemolytic anaemia condition represent symptoms of jaundice, brown color urine, pain in abdomen region and fever.



If you see any of the these symptoms in yourself you must consult a good doctor and get yourself checked. Because less deficiency doesn’t necessarily need medication or supplements as we can recover it with good diet. Usually your doctor might ask you complete family history, physical checkup and complete blood count on general level to diagnose and see the condition of blood. On which we usually see the number and count of haemoglobin first and decide further testing and treatments.



Treatment id decided according to the certain deficiency or abnormality in body. If you have iron deficiency anaemia then you need a change in your diet and iron based supplements. You need to eat fruits and vegetables that have abundance of iron in them.

Furthermore if anaemia is because of vitamin B 12 deficiency then your doctor might suggest you medication or its shots.

It also depends on how much and how fast you need to recover. For example your doctor might suggest you administration of intravenous iron or blood transfusion.

In severe case it might need removal of spleen or bone marrow transplant. This types and intensity can only be determined by a profession team according to which they will suggest you your treatment.

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