Eczema, things you need to know about this skin problem

by Asima Butt
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Eczema, things you need to know about this skin problem


Eczema is a very annoying skin condition and it disturb a small number of population. this skin problem can disturb a person emotionally and socially. As in severe condition you choice of clothes and even shoes become restricted. For example eczema on feet can make it difficult to ear even closed shoes. This can even happen to newborns but it eventually goes away with time. While some kids can still have it in teenage or adulthood.Today this article will discuss about what eczema is? What are causes and common symptoms and how you can manage this problem?


What is eczema and its symptoms?


Eczema is a group of disease that cause skin inflammation and it can become itchy and red. In severe condition, due to itching this inflammation can become worse in form of blisters. These blisters can even bleed in few severe cases. Usually skin shows dry scales and patchiness.

There are many types of eczema but atopic dermatitis or eczema is the most common type which can also accompanied by hay fever and asthma.

Symptoms: usually a person with eczema has redness, swelling due to itchiness and dry skin patches. Sometimes it also present gray, red or brown patches on skin which may or may not be itchy. These symptoms might get resolved on it own sometimes while sometime they can take longer even with medication.


Causes of eczema:


Main causes of eczema is not well know but usually it is believed that this is a genetic problem. As genes that are responsible for protection of skin are mutated or faulty for some reason. So skin is unable to protect itself from allergens or any stimulus from outside environment. This can in return cause inflammation and itchiness on the skin. Skin can become easily dehydrated and dry patches can form on certain area of skin. This can show up anywhere on body as face, scalp , shoulders, back , between the knees or elbows.

This skin problem can also be triggered by heat, sweat, sunlight, stress, pollen, any allergen in environment and infections. Even cold climate which can cause easy dryness and dehydration can trigger this problem.


Treatments of eczema:


Unfortunately, there is no cure to eradicate this problem once for all. But there are treatments and some prevention that can relieve the symptoms. Moreover there are over the counter ointment and oral drugs that can reduce the itchiness and inflammation.

Also, some doctor might suggest immuno_suppressant that can reduce these flares.




1-You can also do some home remedies or prevention to keep your skin well moisturized. Always apply moisturizer on your skin and body twice a day.

2-Try to acknowledge what type of allergen are particularly causing these flare ups. For example sometime some people are allergic to cats or pollen which can trigger this problem.

3-Try to use some soothing soaps, face wash or body wash which doesn’t irritate your skin.

4-Beware of the detergents as if they are causing any symptoms or not.

5-Avoid direct heat and stress if you think that are the corresponding stimulus to your situation.


Home remedy:

You can prepare this home remedy to use it as a moisturizer on your affected area.




  • coconut oil ( 1 tablespoon)

  • Aloe Vera gel( 2 teaspoon)

  • Almond oil  (few drops)

  • Clarified butter (less than half teaspoon)



1-You can mix these all ingredients with given quantity and apply it on affected area. These are extremely hydrating ingredient that will soothe your skin and reduce the inflammation as well. Apply it at night before going to sleep.

2- You can also apply coconut oil or any ingredient on its own as you need to find out which one is working best for your skin.


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