Does hair conditioning cause hair fall?

by Asima Butt
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Does hair conditioning cause hair fall? Is conditioning good or bad?

Well this is something you definitely have heard at least once in your life . you might have heard some talking that conditioning you hair can cause more hair fall. People like me who use hair conditioner on daily basis get alarmed after this. Let’s explore is it really true or not.


We always listen conflicting views as some people say that you should must use conditioner after shampoo. While some people say you should not as it harms more that being beneficial. So let’s see what a conditioner really is and how it works?


What is a hair conditioner?


When a good hair conditioner has important essential oils, keratin proteins and other necessary ingredient that actually help to tame and manage the hair. This substance will make your hair soft , shiny and make it easy to brush your hair. As it soften the hair strands so it become easy to comb your hair without even strangling them together.


Does applying hair conditioner on scalp is bad?


Well, this is a bit tricky question as sometime you might feel the need to apply it on your scalp when it is very dry or have dandruff problems. But usually it is Not recommended because if it is not washed properly then some of the its bits get stick to the scalp. Which make you scalp less breathable and these bits can cause your hair get more greasy even next day.

So you are supposed to apply conditioner on your hair roots but one inch away from scalp, shaft and to the tips which receive least amount of nutrients.


If you want to cope with your dry or hair dandruff problems then choose another way like applying hair masks, oils or shampoos etc. Regarding conditioner , you should avoid it specially for this purpose.


Overall view:


Well in overall view we can figure conditioner has nothing but all beneficial properties for our hair. Well, excess of anything is bad. If you are overdoing your hair with conditioner or applying it directly on your scalp. Then it might raise some problems and you might get problem like greasy or dirty hair.

So answer is NO. Conditioner is not bad but they are quite important part for your hair care. You must use hair conditioners after applying shampoo. Use some conditioner with essential oils and proteins treatments in it. Only you need to learn to use it properly and with care so it will only cause benefits instead of harms.


Correct way to apply a conditioner:

  • first of all always wash your hair with lukewarm water instead of so hot or so cold water. Lukewarm water is best in washing out all the substance from your hair and it doesn’t make hair dehydrated as well.
  • Rinse your hair with shampoo properly then apply a generous amount of conditioner one inch away from your scalp and gently apply it from roots to tips. Avoid rubbing your hair while applying conditioner.
  • Then you can go on and cleans rest of your body and leave the conditioner on your hair in meanwhile.
  • Almost after 5 minutes rinse off your conditioner with lukewarm water and make sure you wash your hair properly so no residue is left in your hair.
  • You can dry your hair with cotton fabric and wrap it in your hair for 10-15 minutes at least and avoid rubbing your hair while drying.

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