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Charcoal Soap For Skin Whitening and Glowing Skin



Charcoal is well-known for its outstanding properties and when you apply activated charcoal on your face. It binds to the oil and dust particle in your face and put them out. Then your pores become small and less visible.It is oils and dust particle that make them appear bigger. It is very good for detoxification.

Today this article will teach you a very common and effective method to make its peel of mask which has become very popular way to remove the black and white heads. It is basically working on our pores and deep cleanse it by taking the excess sebum and dirt from the skin pores.

You can either prepare it at home or get it from market. Best way to use it in your daily life is by using its soap.This article will even teach you that how you can make its powder and its soap at home by all natural ways. You will learn its benefits and how you can use it on your skin as well.


charcoal helps us with reducing oil production, treat acne, deep cleanse the face completely and it helps you to get rid of toxins, add volume to your hair and help with dandruff.This article will help you to understand that how can you make charcoal powder at home in an easy way. These are some easy steps that you can follow one by one.
This charcoal powder will help you with many problems and enhancing the effectiveness of your daily skin care routine.You can not only just use it for face whitening peeling mask or simple face mask but you can also use it for whitening of your teeth (which is a very common, effective and simple method) and treat dandruff in your hair.

You can even make its powder at home by your own using natural and clean method. Here is the easy way to make its powder at home:

Method for making charcoal powder:


The first step is to take a sauce or silver pan and put the coal pieces in it and add enough rose-water that the coal pieces are dipped in it completely. Now put the pan on the burner and let the colas boiled in rose-water for 25-30 minutes. After boiling for 30 minutes and you will see the change in color of rose-water as it gets a bit black and let it cool down .
Let the coals in that rose-water for a night and take them out next morning and let it dry for a while. Now take a clean cotton or silk piece of clothing and put the pieces in it. Hang it from some hanger and wait for 2 days so it dries out completely. Make sure not to dry it in sun.

Now make the small pieces of coal and put it a grinder and grind it to the fine powder form.Open the grinder and take out the upper layer of coal powder as it’s a bit chunky and it will be easy to remove it out. But the fine charcoal that we need it sticking to the bottom. Use some spoon to take the fine powder out and put it in a bowl.
Grind the chunky charcoal powder again in the grinder and grind it till it gets a fine powder form.Put it in the bowl as well. You can strain the powder from a strainer and you will even get the fine form and it will get rid of any remaining big particle.

Here is the way to make its soap at home:

Method for charcoal soap:


  • charcoal powder

  • Honey

  • Glycerin

  • Vaseline

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Transparent soap

  • Molder


First of all you need one transparent soap and grate more than half of it in a bowl. Then add one teaspoon of honey in it and half teaspoon of glycerin. Also, add 2-3 vitamin E capsule and put it on double boiler method. Usually there is already glycerin in soap but we made some addition to the soap so there is why there is a need to add more of it. We can also put it on direct heat but it might burn the soap.

Double boiler method is keeping your bowl of mixture in a broad pan filled with water which has direct heat. You are actually giving indirect heat to your mixture which is quite safe and prevent any kind of burning for your mixture.

Now that your mixture has melt down so mix it properly and turn off the flame. Now pour this mixture on a suitable molder. Apply some vaseline on the border and bottom of it so it will be easy to take out the soap. After that keep it in refrigerator or in room temperature for soap and let it settle down.

Wait for a while and your soap is ready as shown in the picture.


You can use it on your face or body in daily life use. Use some bathing sponge while taking bath and it will act as exfoliating agent too and will give you the refreshing and smooth feeling on your skin.

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24 K Gold face Mask benefits For Skin 



24K Gold mask has become very popular these days. Many brands and companies are making these for in skin care products and any people are getting benefits from these products. It is available in different companies but main ingredient is the same. Well some brands are better than the other and this is over us to find out the better version regarding people’s views on that.



This mask has tremendous benefits for skin in every way. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Gold is very effective in stimulating the skin cells, nerves and veins. In return it help to increase the blood circulation on facial skin and that will stimulate or speed up the other processes. Furthermore, it will increase the cell turn over and excretion of waste material. It is working like retinoid in renewing of cells.
  • This mask has power to induce production of more proteins like elastin and collagen by stimulating skin basal cell. In response it cause more production of new skin cells and cause fairness, reduce wrinkles, fine line , blemishes and dark spots. Moreover, it reduce the depletion of collagen.
  • When all of these process is going on, so because of cell renewal and reduction of blemishes give the appearance of more white and younger looking skin. Dullness is reduced to maximum extent.
  • It is an antioxidant as well and prevent the skin from further damage from UV rays of sun. Gold mask can cancel out the free radicals effects that are causing the skin to become dull and dark. Thus it also cause premature aging.
  • Along being an antioxidant it is also an anti inflammatory and can help the skin with many condition like allergies and infection. In short help the skin with acne as well.


 How to use it?

You can simply use rose-water to cleanse the face first and let it dry, then apply the 24k gold mask on your whole face leaving the eyes and eyebrows. Some of the facial hair will also come off so avoid very hair areas wherever you use it. But it is not as strong as charcoal mask. It is strong enough to take off all the dirt and impurities with this mask.

Then let the mask dry down and then peel it off later in a gentle manner.

You can use this mask once a week. As it is kind of strong scrub so you can not use it on daily basis. Make it work according to your skin tolerance.

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Are skin whitening injections are effective or  harmful?

Well this is a very controversial topic these days and you might find it racist in some regions or countries. But If you justify this point is such way that there is so much trend for people getting fake tan like U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia and many more. As people have very white skin in these countries and they tend to desire tan complexion by fake tan or getting a lot of sun.this might harm your skin as well.

In the same way people in Asia like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many others have variety in complexion. People of these countries desire to have quite white complexion. This might be the dream of every girl or women so they do a lot of thing to get it right.


What gives color to your skin?


Actually our skin cells has melanin protein which is responsible for giving color to our skin. You can say more melanin you have in your skin, darker your complexion will be. Its production is control by an enzyme tyrosinase. Your melanin production may raise if you are exposed to the sun light and this is the way to get tan in sun.


What are whitening injections and its method?


They are actually glutathione or vitamin C based components which are majorly used now a days for skin whitening purpose.This procedure actually consist of administration of series of injections 1-2 weeks apart. This is quite expensive procedure as well and people are willing to pay it anyway.These injections are administered intravenously with very particular but safe dose. It does have effects in skin whitening depending on the dose and quality of product.


How it works and its benefits?


This material glutathione or vitamin C derived substance can actually decrease the production of melanin and activity of tyrosinase. Moreover it is also used to decrease the toxins in blood and make our skin white and with full of glow. These injections will also help our skin from fine lines and wrinkles because of these strong antioxidants. Moreover it boost the immune system and remove toxins from the blood.


Side effects:


all these side effect usually rise from bad quality products , increased dose and a poor practitioner. Well these procedure is not FDA approved as these injections might have some chemical that can harm you. Some of the side effects are mentioned below:

  • first of it is very important who is performing this procedure. If you choose to get this procedure done so make sure you consult some broad certified doctor.
  • Some mal practitioners tend to increase it dose to a certain level which is not safe. It might get you fast result but can harm your body in various ways.
  • People might be allergic to certain chemicals present in these injections and they can develop severe allergy or hives. Which involve redness, bumps formation,swelling and itching
  • As these substance decrease the skin melanin and our skin more vulnerable to sun and gets sensitive.
  • Moreover its long-term side effect can lead to skin cancer as well.
  • Its high dose in body triggers headaches, nausea,thyroid disease vomiting and even kidney stones.
  • If you have some underlying conditions like asthma or hepatitis etc so must avoid these injection as they might worsen your condition.
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Aloe vera and rice face mask sheets for instant skin whitening at home

Today this article will explore the uses and how can we make a wonderful type of face mask in sheets form at home. Skin mask are getting so much important now a day. Mask basically is just a sheet but real ingredients are in its water in which they are dipped in. There are different masks are there in market for different purpose. We can use this mask on daily basis and we should make a necessary part for our daily skin care regime.

Today we will learn how can we make mask sheets and a skin whitening gel consisting of aloe vera gel and rice to dip it in. These mask are wonderful for glowing whitening and soft skin. These mask are extremely important for rough, dull and dehydrated skin. This mask is specially designed for such type of skin and it will also help to loosen up the dead skin cell with help of rice.


Benefits of aloe vera gel and rice for skin:


Aloe vera gel:

Aloe Vera gel has outstanding and amazing benefits for our skin, hair and even the internal system. It is good for even those who people who have some underlying disease conditions like diabetes. It contains two hormones auxin and gibberellins that helps in wound healing and inflammation of the skin. Therefore used in some medicine to treat acne, psoriasis, and eczema. it  has strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties thus can be used for hair and skin good health.  Aloe Vera gel has strong anti-oxidant as well and prevents the skin from photo-aging.



Rice powder is one of the most important ingredients being used in skin care products nowadays because of its multiple beneficial properties for skin.It has some natural nutrients that convert into sunscreen and protect your skin from damaging rays of the sun. It is an anti-inflammatory and treats many skin conditions.

It is an amazing scrub as it loosen up the dead skin cells from skin and its especial enzymes it them up. This is how it leaves the skin smooth and with a very beautiful fresh glow.



Here are some easy tips and methods to follow to make this face mask/sheet at home:




  • Rice

  • Water

  • Aloe vera gel

  • Mask sheets

  • Molders




First of all to make this mask, you need fresh aloe vera gel from its plant. You can extract it by following this method.


Extraction of aloe vera gel:

First get the Aloe Vera freshly from its plant and wash all the leaves properly. Now cut the upper fine layer of leaf from a knife and get the gel from a spoon and folk in a squeezing method.Glide the spoon firmly in one direction by holding other end with strong grip of fork. By doing this fresh aloe Vera gel will come out easily. Put this fresh gel-like sticky material in a bowl and repeat the process with all the leaves.
After that you need to put the gel in a grinder and grind it properly. You have now got fresh aloe Vera gel as shown in the can grind this aloe vera gel to get the better and homogeneous gel like consistency.


Now you have got the aloe vera gel, next step is to take half cup of rice and dip them in water for 4-5 hours. After that blend them in a blending machine and filter it through the thin cotton cloth.Put this filtrate in a pan and heat it up on stove for some time so it can get a thick or gel like consistency.

After that take it off of heat and pour it in a separate cup. Now you need to add equal amount (1 cup of each) of rice gel and aloe vera gel in a bowl. Then mix them well and put it in a molder of specific shape as shown in the picture.




There are 2-3 methods to use this remedy. First you can simply use these frozen aloe vera and rice gel bricks and apply on your face or you let it melt in a bowl. Then dip any face wipe in it and apply it on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Second method is that you can purchase the face wipes from market and dip it in gel solution which can before or after freezing. Let the wipe soak most of the solution in it and then apply it on your face. Main purpose of freezing the solution is that you can store it and use it any time without making it again.

Furthermore, you can use these mask daily and store it in fridge for at least a week.


You can also make sheet mask at home by following this method:





1-baby wipes/paper patti (used in stitching clothes)



4-Luke warm water

5-Rose water


We can easily make a mask sheet by using any good wipes or baby wipes that are quite cheap and easily available in market.

You can trace and cut 3-4 wipes in mask shape liking making holes for eyes, nose and lips. When you make a mask then dip it in Lukewarm water for a while and then dip it in rose-water/gel solution for an hour. After that squeeze the mask and let it out all the excess rose-water/gel solution from it. So when we apply this mask on face it has already important ingredients soaked in. At the end put the each wipe sheet in a plastic bag.





Skin Whitening Tightening Rice and Vitamin C Pack

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Skin Whitening Almond Cream treatment.

This article will guide you how you make cleanser, toner, cream and mask by using almond.


Here are some easy steps::



  • Almonds

  • Rose water

  • Corn flour

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Aloe Vera gel

  • Almond oil

  • Lemon juice

  • Rose water

  • rice



Take ten almonds in a bowl filled with water and leave it for over night so we will be able to get peel off of almonds easily.Next morning, peel the peels of almond and put it in bowl filled with half glass of rose-water. Grind this mixture in a grinding machine and add 2 teaspoon of dry milk it.

double boiler method

Add half teaspoon of honey as well. Add one teaspoon almond oil with two capsules of vitamin E. Furthermore add one to two teaspoon of corn flour in it and put it on heat through double boiler method.It is a method in which you take a big flat pan filled with water and add put it in direct heat then you add you bowl of content to get indirect heat.

Now keep heating the mixture until it gets a creamy form. You can make multiple things like mask, cleanser and toner from this cream. After that, take it off from heat and let it cool down a bit and add one teaspoon of aloe Vera gel in it. your cream is ready now.



you can use the cream any time on daily basis. But using at night before going to bed is even better.

Put in a jar and store in fridge.



you need to take 2 tablespoon of rice in bowl filled with water and leave it overnight to get a soft texture of rice.

Now you need to boil these rice and blend it in a grinding machine.Now add half tea-spoon of this mixture in a bowl with two teaspoon of almond cream and mix it properly.This almond mask is ready.



You can simply apply this mask on face for 5-10 minutes at night and rinse it off.

You can use it once or twice a week.




Now is time to make cleanser from it. For this you simply need to add 2 teaspoon of almond cream with one teaspoon of lemon juice and few drops of rose-water in a grinding machine.

Now grind it well and put it in a small bottle.

This cleanser is ready.


You can use this cleanser in your daily routine. Once a day will work fine.

Store it in some cool place.




Add two teaspoon of almond cream in half glass of rose-water and mix it properly and your toner is ready as well.


How to use the almond treatment?

first you need to take a gentle soap and wash you face with it. Now you need to apply almond cleanser and massage it for 5 minutes and clean it with almond toner.

Now you can apply thin layer of almond cream and massage it until it get absorb in skin.

You should keep using this while treatment for a month and it will give you obvious whitening results.


All the ingredients used in it are beneficial for whitening, glowing, moisturizer and refreshing effects.

It is working in deeply cleansing your face and scrubbing the dead skin cells off, providing you sun protection and prevent it from photo aging and performing many more functions.

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LICORICE (MULETHI) Powder Face Scrub

Licorice is one of the natural occurring plant root that works many amazing wonders for skin. It is natural anti inflammatory and helps the skin to fight against many type of germs and infections. In short help with blemished that are one of the major side effect of acne. As an strong anti oxidant, it reduces the effects of free radical that are causing the dullness of skin.

It prevents the skin from premature aging from direct and damaging effects of skin.This article will guide you that how you can make licorice scrub powder at home in three different ways. Here are all the steps one by one. This helps with any dark spots or hyper pigmentation on skin. It has even exfoliating properties and helps the skin to get rid of dead skin cell and leave it smooth and full of glow.




  • Licorice powder

  • Orange/lemon peel powder

  • Brown sugar

  • Coconut powder

  • Dry milk

  • Honey

  • Almond oil



First of all we will take one teaspoon of licorice powder and one teaspoon of orange peel powder in a bowl. Then we will add one teaspoon of coconut powder in it. Further .we need to add 2-3 teaspoon of dry milk.At the end we will add one teaspoon of brown sugar in it. If you have brown sugar with particles. It is better to grind it and convert it in a fine powder form and then add it.

Mix this powders properly together and put it in a air tight container.This scrub powder is ready.We can make three type of skin care product.

  • First it add one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of this scrub and mix them together.
  • If you have dry skin then you can add one tea spoon of scrub with one teaspoon of scrub powder. This is another face scrub which Is ready to use.
  • 3rd method is to take one teaspoon of scrub powder and add enough simple face wash to get a creamy texture.



You can use this daily because it is the harmless and does not have any strong side effects. You can apply it on face and massage your skin gently. Massage your skin for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off.

Make sure to make enough quantity that only lasts for one day. It is always better to make fresh one for next use..Store it in a refrigerator and keep it away from very warm temperature and direct sunlight.

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vitamin C+A based serum/toner

100% Result How To Get Skin Lightening, Whitening With this Serum | Face Hands Feet Whitening Tips


Today we will discuss about a serum/toner that is usually used in summer from sun protection and reducing the pore size. Apart from that this serum/toner will keep your skin hydrating as well. This article will teach you that ho you can make this serum by using lemon and carrot juice. This serum or toner is extremely rich with vitamin C. which is a very important vitamin for any skin care regime.


People need to understand that you need know if your skin is immune to the certain vitamin or not. As you always start with small quantity and small area. So I will recommend people who have never used vitamin C before, they should do a patch test for three days. If their skin doesn’t show any irritation, itching or burning then you are good to go. Otherwise you need to start with dilute version of vitamin C which is not very potent.

Vitamin C based instant skin whitening pack at home

Here are some ingredients and step to make this toner/serum at home:




  • carrot juice

  • Lemon juice

  • small bottle




You need to take a medium size carrot and peel it peels roughly and wash it well. Then grate it and filter its juice through a strainer through pressure method. Now that you have got its juice make sure it makes only 3-4 tablespoon . After that put that juice in a small bottle and squeeze the juice of half lemon and shake the bottle well.

Your serum is now ready as shown in the picture.



You can use it 2-3 times in a day daily by help of a cotton pad. Put three to four drops of serum in cotton pad and apply it on your whole face. You can also repeat this process before sleeping. Also, keep this bottle in airtight container in refrigerator as it can spoiled in room temperature specially in this hot weather.


Benefits of ingredients:




Carrot is rich in beta-carotene that converts into vitamin A and works as a strong antioxidant that reduces the effects of free radicals on the skin caused by sun rays. This prevention through vitamin A helps the skin from premature or photo aging.

It is somehow working for the skin to prevent and reduce the existing wrinkles. It promotes younger looking skin.Middle-aged should get more information about its effects on the skin. They should start taking these type of vegetables and fruits to help their skin from early wrinkles on the skin.

Carrot is very good for glowing and vibrant skin as it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It has some amount of vitamin C which is the most important part of any skincare routine of any skin type. This helps with any dark spots or hyper pigmentation on the skin.It has even exfoliation properties and helps the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and leave it smooth and full of glow. It helps to make the skin tighter and this is how pores become less visible. It even performs the cleaning and cleansing property on your skin.




Lemon has citric acid in it and rich with Vitamin C. when it comes to skin care, it is impossible to ignore this vitamin. It should be part of your skin regime. Lemons are strong anti oxidants and it causes reduction the effects of free radicals and help your skin from photo aging or premature aging of skin. As sun rays cause oxidation process in skin cells by formation of free radicals. These free radicals disturb the natural chemistry of cell and cells fails to perform its natural and normal functions. Lemon as an oxidant reduce this process which indirectly prevent the skin from premature aging or slow down the aging process.

Also, It is best for skin affected with acne. It help the removal of blemishes, dark spot and hyperpigmentation. In short it gives the skin natural and whitening glow.Furthermore, It increase the cell turn over and even reduce the acne scar. It strongly help the skin to improve its texture.


Tomato Serum And Face pack for Fair and Glowing Skin


NEEM Fairness Cream for acne and pimples

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Eyelashes Growth Serum |Grow Long, Thick & Strong Eyebrows & Eyelashes


You eyelashes are one of the very important and attractive part on your eyes. Every girl dreams to have thicker and longer eyelashes and it is quite basic. If you have bigger eyelashes your eyes get 10 times more prettier. Some people are really blessed to have them naturally as they might have inherited good genes. But some people are not very blessed regarding that but it is not the end of the world. There are some tricks, hacks and remedies that you can do to make them strong, big and thick.




Reason for light or unhealthy eyelashes:



Usually people who even have big eyelashes start to shed the lashes because of lack of proper care. As our lashes just like our skin, nails and hair also need proper attention and care. If you have good lashes so you might lose them as well if you continue being harsh on them.

For example applying cheap mascara, using eyelash curler frequently and getting applying false lashes with substandard glues.These all thing are involved in light or unhealthy or you might have some underlying health condition which is playing its part.

There are some autoimmune diseases like” Alopecia Areata” in which body’s own immune cells attack the normal and healthy hair follicles. This kind of condition results in hair fall, loss of hair from eyebrows and eyelashes.

Moreover if your thyroid is not working properly which is called a health condition “hypothyroidism” in which your body hair starts to shed, become thin and rough.

Some sort of medication and poor nutrition can also cause this problem. Also, if you any kind of infection on your skin which can also contribute to shedding of eyelashes.Today this article will teach you make certain types of very simple home remedy that you can do at home for thick and longer eyelashes.


Lemon Peels Soap For Skin Whitening and blemishes

Here are some easy steps and procedure to follow:


1st remedy:



  • Lemon
  • Castor oil
  • Vitamin E capsule



Take one lemon and grate its peel from outside and it will make almost a pinch or two. Then add one teaspoon of castor oil and one capsule of vitamin E (400mg) . at the end mix the mixture well and also you can keep it in double boiler or in microwave to dissolve the effects of peels in the solution.

You can store it in a suitable bottle and apply it on your eyelashes with mascara wand. Try to apply it at night before going to sleep and leave it for overnight. Next day wash your face and eyes gently with a mild cleanser.


2nd remedy:


  • Egg
  • Glycerin


In this remedy you need to take an egg in a bowl and mix the yolk with egg white thoroughly. Then take its one teaspoon and also add one teaspoon of glycerin in it. Mix the mixture properly and apply it on your lashes for half an hour and then rinse it off. Do not apply it for overnight and make the fresh mixture every time. You can store the remaining egg in the fridge or use it in  your breakfast. Furthermore, You can use this remedy 2-3 times in a week.


3rd remedy:


  • Aloe vera leave
  • Castor oil


You can take the half teaspoon of fresh aloe vera leave and pour it in a bowl. Then add half teaspoon of castor oil in mix it for at least a minutes. Then apply it on your eyebrows and eyelashes. Apply it every night before going to sleep for an hour and then rinse it off.


4th remedy:


  • Green tea leaves
  • Castor oil
  • Vitamin E capsule


First off all take one to two teaspoon of green leaves in half cup of water and boil it till it leaves color. Then filter it and let it cool down a bit then pour it into a bottle. After that add one capsule of vitamin E and one teaspoon of castor oil in this bottle. Shake the bottle well and apply it on you eyelashes for overnight every day.



Some tricks and home remedies to get thick and longer lashes:


  • First you need to remember is to go gent on your eyes and eyelashes. Do not rub it unnecessarily or apply cheap glues to stick false eyelashes. Apply Vaseline while taking off makeup or false lashes.
  • Moreover avoid  using cheap and substandard eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Avoid using waterproof mascara as well which has a negative effect especially while taking it off.
  • Take healthy diet so it will not only help in thickness of your eyelashes but even your hair. Good diet and health is key to the beauty as well.try to take food rich in vitamin E, C ,H and niacin etc. Try calcium diet as well as it helps to maintain hair health as well.
  • Apply castor oil on your lashes or mix it with equal quantity of olive oil and apply it on your eyelashes for overnight.
  • You can also mix the equal quantities of Vaseline, coconut oil and castor oil and apply on your eyelashes daily for few hours.


Things you should know about acne and its causes:

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Top 4 Most pigmented eyeshadow palette (drugstore version)




Eyeshadow palette are something that everybody adore and it can make your eyes super dynamic and beautiful. Most of the girls love to wear eyeshadow which can be soft or dramatic according to occasion. But there are so many that you might find it hard to choose which one will work best for you. Well a good quality palette has color that have soft consistency, pigmented, long lasting and easy to apply. Furthermore, it should not be chalky as this part is quite turn off for many of us.


There are two types one is high end and one is drugstore. If you are in hunt of finding good quality eyeshadow palette that keep on reading.It is believed that usually high end eyeshadow palette are better than drugstore version. Well they do provide more variety and quality but I have found some drugstore version palette that are as good as any high end palette.

These colors are not chalky or color that disappear quickly. These palette will provide you very pigmented and long lasting quality. If you have oily eyelids then don’t forget to use a good eyeshadow primer as well.

A tip to make any nail polish peel off nail polish at home

Here are some of my most loved eyeshadow palette for drugstore options:


Juivia’s place palettes:


Well these are drugstore and my holy grail eyeshadow palettes . but the strange part is that they are not as famous or raved product as it should be. I haven’t seen many beauty gurus talk about these palette. But these palette are as good as any high end palette. Furthermore, it has the most pigmented colors and they are not chalky at all. Also, they have beautiful shades and can be perfect for any occasion. My personal favourite is juvia’s place saharan palette.




Colorpop eyeshadow palette:


These palette are also drugstore and one of my favourite eyeshadow palette, also, they have single eye shades as well and they are bomb in pigmentation and shimmer. These color are long lasting and they are very soft and buttery color but not greasy at all. If you are a budget queen like me then you should give these eyeshadow a try as colorpop is making such beautiful and quality product that you might not know.



Wet and wild “rose in the air”:


This is another very beautiful palette and it is the closest dupe for ABH modern renaissance which is quite famous and most raved eyeshadow palette. This palette has quite the same beautiful colors and pigmentation. If you think ABH is expensive then this is the cheaper replacement for that. Also , it has beautiful colors with quality and tehy will last forever on my oily eyelids.




Makeup revolution X soph eyeshadow palette:


This is my another favourite drugstore eyeshadow palette for glamorous eye looks. It has multiple shimmer colors with super creamy and pigmented character. Also, it has neutral browns, black and white  mattes for creasing and highlighting. It is very beautiful palette and almost all color tones. you should give it a try if you like doing glamorous and dramatic makeup look.



How to make lipstick at home with natural ingredients

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skin polishing

Skin polish for face and body for white and glowing skin


In extreme summer and Winter season which are notorious for dry skins as any good oily skin can become affected with this season. It also depends the how much temperature drop or rise to the area where you live. If you live in area where it snows heavily or very dry summer then your skin become even more vulnerable. Dry climate withdraw all the natural and good moisture from your skin. Even very oily skin people has this good new to produce less oil on their skin but it get dry too if they don’t give enough attention to their skin.

Dryness on the skin never look healthy and pretty picture so today this article will educate you with scrubbing importance and what kind of home remedy that you can do to have ever glowing skin even in winters. This home remedy involves usage of lentils as they are one of the best exfoliation ingredients that you could use along with rice powder.

You might get dryness for multiple reason because we get such lifestyle as well that is affecting our skin. Somethings we are doing we cannot even control it. You can make this polishing mixture at home to get rid of any dryness or dull skin at home. Here are some easy step to try at home:





  • split chickpeas

  • White beans

  • Milk

  • Rice powder

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Honey

  • Aloe vera gel

  • Raw turmric



Method for polishing mixture:


First of all, to make this skin polish, you need to take handful of split chickpeas and white beans in separate bowl. Dip them in water and leave it in fridge for 4-6 hours in summer weather. In winters you can keep them outside as well. After that also take 2-4 tablespoon of rice flour in a bowl and add water in it so it can make a paste like texture as shown in the picture. Make sure this texture remain as it is in room temperature  in fridge for at least 2-3 hours.

Now take 2 tablespoon of split chickpeas in a bowl and 2 tablespoon of white beans with it as well. After that add 1-2 tablespoon of rice flour. At the end add enough milk so they can dip in milk and it will be easier to blend them in a blending machine. also add half inch of raw turmeric if it is not availalble then you can also take powder form of kitchen turmeric. then blend all the mixture in a blending machine.

Now that you have got its paste like mixture as shown in the picture so now it is ready to be used.


2nd preparation:


Take one capsule of vitamin E of 400mg in a bowl and add half teaspoon of aloe vera gel in it. At the end add less than half teaspoon of honey and mix it well. It will be used in face polishing technique which is mentioned above.

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It is simple to use this skin polishing and you can repeat this process 1-2 times in a week. You can store these material in fridge for two days but I will recommend to make it fresh every time. This is how ingredients are fresh and they will show better results.

Apply the polishing mixture  on your face, neck, hands, feet or any body part you are concerned with. Leave it on your skin for 20 minutes then wipe a little bit off. After that apply the mixture that we prepared in second preparation. Massage you skin with it for at least 10 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Also use a mild face wash and do not forget to apply a gentle moisturizer at the end.



Benefits of ingredients:


First of this mixture is so full of vitamin and protein factor which are very beneficial for our skin of any type. This is also kind of mini facial as it involves the exfoliation ,cleansing and moisturizing. It will help out skin to loosen up the dead skin cells which give it a dull look. Then it will cleanse thoroughly to remove dirt deep from pores. And aloe vera ,vitamin E and honey like ingredients will provide the full moisture and hydration level to the skin.

Apart from that certain ingredients like honey and aloe vera also resolve many skin conditions like dryness and acne. They forbade the formation of pimples to some extents.then protein factor present in these ingredients will help our skin to regain its smooth texture. As it heals the broken skin by stimulating the collagen and elastin by increasing the blood flow to the skin as well.


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