Mint Margarita Drink at home in easy steps:


Mint has outstanding benefits and it helps to deal with many medical condition like darkening of skin, acne, cyst, allergies, infections. Drying skin on face, hand and feet, freckles, indigestion problem, hair scalp problem and fungal infections of feet. Daily use of mind in your diet will help you to solve many skin and health issues of your life.

This article will tell you how you can use this tremendous herb in everyday of your life through a drink. Today we will guide you that how you can make mint margarita at home which taste like you get in market. Here are some easy steps one by one.




You can use mint in your daily face pack routine but it will be even better to make a soap of it and you can get even more benefits from it daily basis. You can even use it as a drink to get maximum benefits from the skin. It is not only beneficial for your skin but also for health.

Mint is great in indigestion problem. It sooth out the stomach and reduce the inflammation or any other problem. People who tend to get nauseous or get vomiting on daily basis for one or another reason show good response to the use of mint.  It is rich in iron, folate vitamin A and fiber.

It is very effective for acne and it has quite much quantity of vitamin E that will not let your skin get dry and even help in toning your skin. Mint removes and reduces the formation of new blackheads.

You can also use it for your hair to get rid of many hair health problems. It will work magic for your hair as well. You can’t use it on your hair for daily basis so your hair won’t get over dry. Once in a week is fine.

Mint is proved to be good for ladies who breastfeed their newborns. Furthermore, it reduces the pain of breastfeeding or relieve its symptoms.




  • Sprite/7up/team

  • Ice cubes                                                            

  • Sugar/ glucose D

  • Black salt

  • Lemon






First of all you need to take fresh leaves of mint and wash and clean them properly and separate any kind of bad leave from it. Then you need a grinding machine and add half cup of mint in it with sugar as much you like. After that add two pinches of black salt and squeeze one and half lemon in it.

You can also add ice cubes as mush as you want to keep it cool. Then add half cup of sprite to mix the mixture properly first. When smooth paste of mint leaves is ready then you can add rest of the required sprite in the machine and mix it for some seconds and your tasty drink is ready.

Which has every cooling effects specially for summers.

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Eyelashes Growth Serum |Grow Long, Thick & Strong Eyebrows & Eyelashes


You eyelashes are one of the very important and attractive part on your eyes. Every girl dreams to have thicker and longer eyelashes and it is quite basic. If you have bigger eyelashes your eyes get 10 times more prettier. Some people are really blessed to have them naturally as they might have inherited good genes. But some people are not very blessed regarding that but it is not the end of the world. There are some tricks, hacks and remedies that you can do to make them strong, big and thick.




Reason for light or unhealthy eyelashes:



Usually people who even have big eyelashes start to shed the lashes because of lack of proper care. As our lashes just like our skin, nails and hair also need proper attention and care. If you have good lashes so you might lose them as well if you continue being harsh on them.

For example applying cheap mascara, using eyelash curler frequently and getting applying false lashes with substandard glues.These all thing are involved in light or unhealthy or you might have some underlying health condition which is playing its part.

There are some autoimmune diseases like” Alopecia Areata” in which body’s own immune cells attack the normal and healthy hair follicles. This kind of condition results in hair fall, loss of hair from eyebrows and eyelashes.

Moreover if your thyroid is not working properly which is called a health condition “hypothyroidism” in which your body hair starts to shed, become thin and rough.

Some sort of medication and poor nutrition can also cause this problem. Also, if you any kind of infection on your skin which can also contribute to shedding of eyelashes.Today this article will teach you make certain types of very simple home remedy that you can do at home for thick and longer eyelashes.


Lemon Peels Soap For Skin Whitening and blemishes

Here are some easy steps and procedure to follow:


1st remedy:



  • Lemon
  • Castor oil
  • Vitamin E capsule



Take one lemon and grate its peel from outside and it will make almost a pinch or two. Then add one teaspoon of castor oil and one capsule of vitamin E (400mg) . at the end mix the mixture well and also you can keep it in double boiler or in microwave to dissolve the effects of peels in the solution.

You can store it in a suitable bottle and apply it on your eyelashes with mascara wand. Try to apply it at night before going to sleep and leave it for overnight. Next day wash your face and eyes gently with a mild cleanser.


2nd remedy:


  • Egg
  • Glycerin


In this remedy you need to take an egg in a bowl and mix the yolk with egg white thoroughly. Then take its one teaspoon and also add one teaspoon of glycerin in it. Mix the mixture properly and apply it on your lashes for half an hour and then rinse it off. Do not apply it for overnight and make the fresh mixture every time. You can store the remaining egg in the fridge or use it in  your breakfast. Furthermore, You can use this remedy 2-3 times in a week.


3rd remedy:


  • Aloe vera leave
  • Castor oil


You can take the half teaspoon of fresh aloe vera leave and pour it in a bowl. Then add half teaspoon of castor oil in mix it for at least a minutes. Then apply it on your eyebrows and eyelashes. Apply it every night before going to sleep for an hour and then rinse it off.


4th remedy:


  • Green tea leaves
  • Castor oil
  • Vitamin E capsule


First off all take one to two teaspoon of green leaves in half cup of water and boil it till it leaves color. Then filter it and let it cool down a bit then pour it into a bottle. After that add one capsule of vitamin E and one teaspoon of castor oil in this bottle. Shake the bottle well and apply it on you eyelashes for overnight every day.



Some tricks and home remedies to get thick and longer lashes:


  • First you need to remember is to go gent on your eyes and eyelashes. Do not rub it unnecessarily or apply cheap glues to stick false eyelashes. Apply Vaseline while taking off makeup or false lashes.
  • Moreover avoid  using cheap and substandard eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Avoid using waterproof mascara as well which has a negative effect especially while taking it off.
  • Take healthy diet so it will not only help in thickness of your eyelashes but even your hair. Good diet and health is key to the beauty as well.try to take food rich in vitamin E, C ,H and niacin etc. Try calcium diet as well as it helps to maintain hair health as well.
  • Apply castor oil on your lashes or mix it with equal quantity of olive oil and apply it on your eyelashes for overnight.
  • You can also mix the equal quantities of Vaseline, coconut oil and castor oil and apply on your eyelashes daily for few hours.


Things you should know about acne and its causes:

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Quick Spray for frizzy Hair homemade



Today this article is very special and important for people with very heavy and frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair is beautiful hairstyle as well but when it comes to the point where you want to give them a sober look without spending hours in blow drying and flat ironing. Then you need something that can tame your hair for a while. Today in this article you will learn how you can make a spray for your frizzy hair by using very easy and good ingredients. They will not only tame your hair but will also give them protection from heat damage. Te source of heat can be anything, it can be either sun or blow dry and flat-iron etc

We will simply and mainly use salt in your conditioner. Along with salt , we can also add a little bit of rose-water as well. Salt has many benefits for hair as we all know it.

Using salt in your shampoo or conditioner is also very good for people with oily scalp or hair. You can just add one or two teaspoon of salt in your shampoo or conditioner according to the size of the bottle. It is a test formula. You can use it for a month and at the you will be surprised by the result. As controlling oil on face and in scalp is a big struggle.

Benefits of salt:

Due to presence of essential minerals, it can make your hair soft and smooth. It is also very good for dandruff related fungus or other dry hair problems. When it is only applied to your hair roots it can absorb excess sebum and sweat. This will delay the process which lead to greasy hair. Salt also act as the exfoliater as it will remove off the dead skin cells from your hair and provide the better penetration of any oil or product.




Remember! Do not use it over excessively on your scalp or hair as its over use can make your cells dehydrated. One or twice a week is fine.



  • Hair conditioner

  • Rose-water

  • Salt


It is very simple to make this hair spray. First of all you need one teaspoon of any hair conditioner you use in your normal routine. Then add 1/4th part of the cup of rose-water in that bottle. Last but not least add 1/4th part of a teaspoon of salt in it. Mix the bottle very well and you your frizz free hair spray is ready



You can simply use it in your daily life by spraying the hair. Try not to spray it on your roots. You can use it in two method. 1st is when you  have damp hair after taking a shower or even you can use it if you have completely dry hair. Just spray this and comb your hair.

If you are using any blow dry or flat-iron then it is better to use it before applying heat to your hair. It will also reduce the hair damage by making a thin protecting layer on your hair.


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EGG Yolk OIL For Anti  Dandruff, frizzy and Damaged hair

Today this article is very special and important for people with very heavy, damaged and frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is beautiful hairstyle itself but when it comes to the point where you want to give them a sober look without spending hours in blow drying and flat ironing. Then you need something that can tame your hair for a while. Today in this article you will learn how you can make an oil for your frizzy and damaged hair by using very easy and good ingredients. They will not only tame your hair but will also give them protection from heat damage. The source of heat can be anything, it can be either sun or blow dry and flat-iron etc.

Today you will learn to make egg yolk oil for your dry and damaged hair. It will solve many problems on your scalp. Usually it’s oily is not commonly available in market.

Benefits of egg yolk:

Some people use only egg yolk on their hair to get its benefits as it is rich  with many vitamins like vitamin A, B, C and E. furthermore, many other nutrients like folate , many important nutrients and essential fatty acids. That supply our scalp and hair with maximum proteins, protection , shine and nourishment. But using egg yolk alone can be a little uncomfortable as it smells bad. Sometimes its smell remain in hair even after washing your hair. It will stimulate the hair follicles to make strong pigmented hair. It will also protect hair follicle and make it strong to overcome environmental hazards.

So here you will learn even better way to apply egg yolk on your hair with other beneficial ingredients like coconut oil. This will prepare egg yolks oil and here are some very easy steps to make it one by one:


  • egg yolk

  • Coconut oil

  • Olive oil/almond oil/ mustard oil


First of all you need 12-14 boiled egg yolks only. Then take half cup of coconut oil in a big pan and add these boiled egg yolks in it. Turn on the flame and cook this mixture properly. Cook it until all the yolks get dark brown in color and even they get burnt in it as shown in the picture. They turn off the flame and filter this mixture through a strainer to get the oil only. This oil has all the essence of egg yolks. Due to cooking this mixture on flame it will lose it most of the smell during it.

Now your oil is ready and put it in a suitable container for future use as shown in the picture.


This oil gets solidify with time. So you can keep it in microwave oven for few seconds to get it in a liquid form. Now whenever you want to massage your scalp with this oil, you can mix it up with some other oil. Suppose if you use almond or olive oil in you daily routine before taking bath. Then you can take 3 teaspoon (according to your hair length) of oil in a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of egg yolk oil in and mix it well. Then apply on hair and leave for an hour or two. After that rinse it off with Lukewarm water.


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Turmeric bleach(outstanding 100%results for skin whitening)


Bleach creams that are usually available in market, It has an important role in our skin whitening. The ladies with light or dark hair on the skin experience this problem because hair on skin gives darker effects. Bleach cream has direct effect on skin and make it look lighter than usual color. It not only causes hair lightening but gives you a whitening effect on skin. Usually bleach creams have hydroquinone which use retinoids instead of bleach.

It has very amazing effect on dark spots and blemishes. You feel noticeable difference in first use. Facial bleach trends claim that bleach has healing and regenerating effects on skin and leaves skin with a youthful glow. But we need to remember that excess of it is not good. it has caustic substance and it can cause havoc if we use it in excess or use it incorrectly.

This article will educate you with an outstanding trick that you can do at involves mixing of bleach powder with turmeric and some other ingredients to get its maximum results. Turmeric powder will enhance the beneficial properties of this bleach cream overall.

What are the benefits of ingredients in this cream:

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera gel has outstanding and amazing benefits for our skin, hair and even the internal system. It is good for even those who people who have some underlying disease conditions like diabetes. It contains two hormones auxin and gibberellins that helps in wound healing and inflammation of the skin. Therefore used in some medicine to treat acne, psoriasis, and eczema. it  has strong antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties thus can be used for hair and skin good health.  Aloe Vera gel has strong anti-oxidant as well and prevents the skin from photo-aging.

Turmeric powder:

Turmeric powder is ant inflammatory and microbial which helps our skin from any irritation effect of bleach powder. Moreover its microbial properties prevent the skin from germs and infections. This powder also give a very beautiful glow to your skin with golden hue which is temporary. It prevents the bleaching powder to irritate any sensitive skin patch or wound or cut on face. This powder will even help to heal that wound.



Here are some easy steps to make this bleach at home:


  • turmeric powder

  • Any good bleach cream

  • Aloe Vera gel

  • Glycerin


To make this cream take any good bleach cream that you use which works best for your skin. Then take its bleaching powder and add one teaspoon of bleaching powder in a bowl. Then add less than half teaspoon of turmeric powder and 3-4 glycerin drops. At the end add less than half teaspoon of aloe Vera gel and mix the mixture for at least two minutes so all the powder gets absorb in it. If this mixture is very thick than you can add more aloe Vera gel in it. Make sure your mixture is not runny as well. You need a medium consistency for this bleach cream.

After mixing it well then add one tablespoon of base cream that comes with bleach cream and mix it properly. Your bleach cream is ready as shown in the picture.


Apply it on face , hands or feet or any body part of you body with dark patches or pigmentation. Now apply it with fingers or some smooth brush and let it dry for a while.

you can rinse it off after 10-15 minutes. You need to repeat it once a month on face and twice a week for hands and feet. As skin on hands and feet is different from face and it can bear the bleaching agents better than face.


Make sure you use these type of bleaching creams at night and you should try to avoid the direct contact with sun.

As skin becomes sensitive with their use and you need to protect yourself from direct exposure to sun for at least three days. You shouldn’t use it more often on face as skin can become sensitive so once a month is fine.

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  • Serums have gain quite much importance now a days. Serums could be for face or hair and both play quite an important part for maintaining the health of skin and hair cells.

What is a hair serum?

Serum is actually a silicone base product that coat the outer layer of your hair. This outer coat layer has multiple functions. As it is silicone base it make your hair look shiny and it protects your hair from any heat or dryness of environment. It untangled your hair and it is easy to comb them. This is how you experience less hair breakage. At least a good hair serum has all these properties. A good serum even protects your hair from damaging rays of sun as well.

There are many types and brands of serums are available in market and you need to try them to see which one is working best for you. For example if you have very dry hair they formulate such serums that claim to be effective and hydrating for particular type of hair.


Today this article is about to teach you that you can also make a serum at home according to your hair need. This serum is for hair growth. People who think their hair growth is not fast enough or they get split ends while growing hair.

So this serum will help to maintain the health of your hair so they can grow long in short period of time.

Here are some easy steps to make this serum at home.



  • argon oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Ginger juice



To make this hair serum you need pure juice of ginger. For that simply grate the ginger and filter its juice by pressing its pulp through filtering tool. Take 6 tablespoon of ginger juice in a bowl and add one tablespoon of argon oil. Then add 5 tablespoon of coconut oil but if you don have argon oil then you can only add 6 tablespoon of coconut oil.

At the end add 3 capsules of vitamin E and mix mixture properly. Pour this serum into some suitable bottle for your daily use. Your hair serum is ready.



You can use this serum after taking bath of you have very dry hair or you can also use it before taking bath. Try to apply it more on your hair tips than on scalp.

It will make easier to comb your hair and keep using it after every time you take bath.

Keep using it for a month and you will surely see the difference in your hair.

Benefits of ingredients:

Ginger is rich with many minerals and nutrient that have main role in maintaining the hair’s health. It contain magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It contains many types of fatty acid that not only nourish your hair but make a protecting layer on the top. Which make it look shiny and smooth.


Coconut and argon oil are main ingredients in your hair serum. As they stimulate the hair follicles to grow hair in its length and prevent it from breakage. It can do so by promoting shine and lustrous effect in them. The other main function of these oil is to protect hair from getting split ends which cause the main damage of hair and they starts to look dull.

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Hair treatment


Dandruff affects the over the 50 percent of people and not a pleasant thing to have in your scalp. It is presents
with dry skin, or the skin which is sensitive to chemicals, dermatitis, tingling sensation or even present as greasy patches of dead cells.

The most annoying part is itchy scalp and dead scalp skin cells on your shoulders. People with dark hair have more struggles to hide it. There are plenty of products in market that are available and they can effectively control it. But you have to give it some time and effort as it can happen again.


it works wonder for your skin. As it’s proved to have anti microbial and anti fungal properties. You can add it in some regular oil you use or use it with coconut oil as it might be irritating for some type of sensitive use if used directly, so when used in mixture with other oils or products then it’s the safest.


Mixture of these two is best home remedy. It not only just get rid of unwanted dandruff but also make hair shiny and beautiful.


Coconut oil alone works fine too on mild type of dandruff. It has same properties like tea tree oil and works good for dandruff in long run.


Aloe vera has similar properties with coconut and tea tree oil. But it is one of the best moisturizing ingredient, it works magic for dry scalp and relieve the itchiness and other symptoms of dandruff.


Salisylic acid is the major compound that Is present in aspirin and involve in anti inflammatory properties, Even mostly products present in market which claim to improve the dandruff has this ingredient.if u dissolve aspirin in water or in your regular oils so that will also helps to relieve its symptoms.


It has one major role. As it increase the immunity of a person and make it able to get rid of normal problems or microorganism related problems. And in short help getting rid of dandruff, it is present in some food like yogurt, traditional buttermilk, pickles and some type of cheese, it is also present in market in form of supplements with proper doses.


Baking soda has awesome properties to reduce the growth of some fungal strain to 80% with immense anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Take very small amount of water and mix it with one to three teaspoon of baking soda, and apply it on scalp and wash it away after 15 mins. Don’t apply it for too long or don’t use its excess as it’s a drying. Remember less is more in this case.


Try to live a healthy life style. Try to take the at least 6-8 hours of sleep and try your best to avoid stress level. As it has main effect on acne and dandruff type of problems.

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Hair Wax For Boys & Girls at home (100% natural)

Hair wax is actually a thin substance which can contain any kind of wax like beeswax, candle wax, japan wax or and kind of castor wax and many more. These substance helps hair to keep firm in its place and your carry out certain hairstyle throughout the day without messing it.

It doesn’t matter if you have curly or straight hair, it will help you with both. As people with straight hair has this problem that they don’t last any hairstyle on them for long and tend to go back to natural shape. Same applies with curly hair so wax can provide you this convenience to put on sleek formal look or trendy look like spikes etc for your hair. These hairstyle or even different hairstyles which are different from normal and daily life hair style. This can add style and extra points in your personality.


But usually excess use of wax can be harmful. As wax or hair gel available in market have quite harmful chemical that can not only damage your hair but also cause hair fall. Now a day even kids loves to pull off this kind of hairstyles and you might get conscious about their hair.


Side effects of hair wax or gel:


Excess use of anything is bad. So we should remember we don’t exceed the safe limit. As hair wax contain wax substance and that mold the hair in certain shape and it also cover the whole surface of hair. This lead to less supply of oxygen and air to the hair which cause hair damage and even hair loss.

Even if you use it in excess then it can leave a white cast and greasy substance on your hair. Which doesn’t look very pretty and they start to even look dirty.


This article will teach you to make hair wax at home by natural ways which will be free from any additional chemicals so you can freely use it for your kids and for yourselves. And you don’t have to worry about their hair fall or hair damage.


Here are some easy steps to make this hair wax at home:




  • Beeswax

  • Aloe Vera gel

  • Any hair serum



To make hair wax at home, first you need beeswax which is usually available in big chucks form from the market. Grate this beeswax to get one to two tablespoon of it. Remember we are using beeswax in making this hair wax because it doesn’t harm the hair and it has instead beneficial ingredients in it.

First take any hair serum which you think is best for you hair. As this will not only give your hair some style but provide your hair with nourishment. Add 8-10 tablespoon of hair serum in a pan and add one tablespoon of beeswax in it. Then provide this mixture low heat until all the wax gets dissolved in it. When it is dissolved then let it get cool for 1 minutes and filter it through a strainer as shown in the picture. Then add it in a bowl where you can use beater on it. Or you can also put in grinding machine to grind the mixture and get its thick creamy mixture.

At the end also add one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and beat the mixture well until you get thick and hard mixture. You hair wax is now ready to use as shown in the picture:



Now you can keep this hair wax on room temperature and it will last your for quite a while. You can take its small quantity on fingers and apply it in disrupted manner. Make sure to take less quantity as more quantity can make your hair greasy and give your hair white cast. The ingredients used in this hair wax will not only help your hair to get in style but it will also keep your hair protected and nourished.

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this article is beneficial for all kind of people. Every child ,teenager and even adult should consider this article. As we will introduce you with a recipe that is not only good for your health but it will remarkably improve your eye sight.


All kids who study must eat this to save themselves from glasses or minor eye sight weakness. If you already have glasses so this recipe will prevent the further increase in your glasses number. it is basically dry seeds which are very beneficial for your eyesight.

Usually people have to get laser surgeries to get rid of glasses but if you have minor problems that cause only shoulder pain and headache then this is also very effective for you. Try to make it an important step of your daily life. Here are some very easy steps to make it at home:



  • 4 maghaz seeds (100 gram)

  • Rock sugar     (250 gram)

  • Cardamon seeds (10 gram)

  • Fennel seeds

  • White pepper

  • Almonds (100 gram)

  • Walnuts (100 gram)



First of all you need to clean all the seeds and try to roast 4 maghaz seeds on a hot plate or pan so there won’t be any kind of germ in it. Grind these seeds in a grinding machine and get fine ground form in a bowl.

Then take almonds and walnuts together and grind them as well to get their powder form. Take 100 grams quantity for each. Then add this fine powder in 4 maghaz powder.


After that put 10 gram cardamon and 2 tablespoon of fennel seeds in a grinding machine as grind them well. Then add a little bit or 1 teaspoon of white pepper in this mixture and mix it for almost 2 minutes. So all the ingredients get dissolved in it.

As these ingredients can taste bad if their big particles are being chewed so try to grind them in a very fine form.

After that mix all the powder together and your recipe is ready.

Put it in a big air tight container or the jar for convenience use.



You need to eat one tablespoon of it ever night or morning with Luke warm milk. You can give it to your kids from age 6 to onwards at anytime. This is not only for weak eyesight people but for all kids and adults as well. As this recipe will improve overall health.


Benefits of ingredients:

Ingredient used in this recipe will even help to develop the brain properly in kids. It will keep their eyesight protected and if it is weak so it will stop the further increase in its weakness.

These seeds are rich with legumes, protein, essential fatty acids, amino acids and very important nutrients that we basically need to get from our food.

These seeds powder will resolve many digestive problem and it fight cancer as well. Most of the seeds used in it have anti-inflammatory and microbial properties that will heal your wounds, any kinds of swelling and fight against infections.

This is also rich with antioxidant that will protect the skin, hair, nail and eyes from damaging rays of sun.


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Best Home Remedies To Remove light Body Hair


This article will educate you about certain things that you can do reduce the body hair of your baby and save him from future struggles. Now a days not only girls but even boys go for body wax to get rid of it. You can save you baby or kids from future struggle if you try this trick on them. They are definitely going to be happy with you that is for sure.

When a baby is born they usually have this hair that are thin but are quite visible. They are present on the back, shoulders, ears, forehead and face of the child. Newborn babies are most likely to have these hair. Some of them start shedding them even when they are in womb. Some of them will shed them after the birth. There are some trick that we do make them shed fast. Even if your baby still have visible hair after shedding then you can also use this trick or home remedy.


Purpose of these hair on baby’s body:


These hair are actually beneficial for baby when they are in womb. They are present on skin surface and protects the delicate skin of babies. Moreover they keep the baby’s skin warm and moisturized and prevent the baby’s skin from any kind of damaging effect of amniotic fluid.

They are also are beneficial for facilitating the easy passage of baby from cervix of woman during giving birth.


Some easy trick to rub these hair off:


People has been using some trick like rubbing the baby’s skin gently  with olive oil, clarified butter, wheat flour or gram flour mixed with any of the oil mentioned before. You can make the smooth paste and massage it on baby’s body. Make sure you do not go harsh on baby’s skin so they do not develop any sensitivity.


Moreover we are going to teach you a very effective home remedy that you can do to get rid of these hair by using pure and natural ingredients.


First method:




  • Bread

  • Olive oil

  • Turmeric powder

  • Milk


First take a fresh slice of a bread and cut its outer edges. Take half teaspoon of turmeric powder and sprinkle on whole slice of bread. Then also, sprinkle one teaspoon of milk on the slice. Then add 2 teaspoon of love oil and start to crush and squeeze the bread with help of your fingers.

You can also add more olive oil if you think your dough is hard. Try to make very smooth dough and apply on baby’s skin and massage it with extremely gentle motion. You can do this for 4 months to onward month babies.


2nd method:




  • Wheat flour

  • Mustard oil

  • Milk

  • Almond powder

  • Turmeric powder

You can make this dough for baby’s hair removal by taking 2 teaspoon of wheat flour and half teaspoon of very fine almond powder. Then add half teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of mustard oil.

At the end add enough milk or mustard oil make a very smooth dough as shown in the picture.

Rub it small chunk on your baby’s back in circular motion in a very gentle manner. Keep in mind your baby’s skin is very delicate and you do not have to go harsh for rubbing these hair. They will start to shed with a gently massage as well.


3rd method for 6th months or onward month’s baby:



  • almond fine powder

  • Red lentils powder

  • Turmeric powder

  • Olive oil


We can prepare this by take one teaspoon of almond fine powder and one teaspoon of red lentil powder. You can get these powder easily by grinding and even filtering them through a strainer. Then add half teaspoon of turmeric powder and 5-8 teaspoon of olive oil to make a smooth runny mixture as shown in the picture.


You can also use this by applying on baby’s skin and massage it gently in circular motion. You can use this method from 6th month of babies. in short period of time, you will see the noticeable difference by their use within 2-3 weeks.


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