why we get split ends, causes and management

by Asima Butt

why we get split ends in our hair?

Split ends are something very weird-looking thing you might have experienced at least once in your life. Furthermore,Split ends are something very common and you may experienced them in short or long and every type of hair. Because these are more likely to happen in long hair if they are not treated carefully. Today this article will talk about the split ends, what they are and why we get them? What are the possible reasons to get split ends.


What are split ends?

Split ends are actually caused by usually hair damage, damage especially to the outermost layer of hair which is called cuticle. Furthermore when this layer is damaged or lost, then there is certain loss of moisture and hydration as well. Which cause hair to split into multiple ends and it is even taking more nutrients from your body but it is not nourishing enough for the hair.


Causes of split ends:


  • Split ends could be caused by multiple reasons which mainly involve hair damage and dryness by loss of its moisture. It could happen because of any harsh hair treatment which involve hair dye, rebounding and perming. Chemically treated are more prone to get split ends.


  • some people tend to use excess heat on their hair by blow drying, straightening or curling iron tools. This heat can also damage your outer protective layer of hair and ends up in split ends of hair.


  • Sun is also a source of heat and UV rays that can cause certain amount of formation of free radicals in your hair cells. Just like skin cells, your hair also need protection for damaging rays of sun. So direct exposure for long periods of time can also play a major role in your hair damage.


  • people who have some underlying health condition can also experience this problem. For example. hypothyroidism, anemia, impaired kidney or other health conditions or syndrome.


  • hair wax, spray or gel like hair products contain wax substance and that mold the hair in certain shape and it also cover the whole surface of hair. This lead to less supply of oxygen and air to the hair which cause hair damage and even hair loss.


  • Excess washing your hair with harsh shampoos can also withdraw the moisture from your hair and it can cause hair damage and split ends.


  • if you are not caring toward your hair, you are not doing proper oiling or mask then your hair can gain back their lost moisture and become permanently damaged.
  • Brushing your wet hair with wrong brush can also trigger formation of split ends in result of hair damage.

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Some prevention and home remedies :


You can follow these home remedies and some point to avoid the further damage to your hair.


  • Get your hair trimmed after every two months which is very effective way to keep your hair tips healthy and fresh. This is how, you can avoid split end as well.
  • Do proper oiling of your hair by using coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, castor oil, mustard oil or lavender oil. Any oily will work for returning the lost moisture.
  • Wash your hair at least 2 times in a week and if your hair are got to tend more oily then you can wash your hair 2-3 times in a week.
  • Try to select good cleansing shampoos and conditioner that are full of essential oil and protein based factors.
  • Eat healthy diet with full of nutrient so it can nourish your hair and supply important nutrients even from the body itself.
  • Use heat protecting serum or spray and try to use minimum heat and also use ceramic based styling tools for your hair.
  • Protect your hair from the sunlight as well and cover them up in case of intense  or direct exposure.
  • Use hair softening serums before brushing your wet hair and also try to brush your hair when they are little instead when they are completely dry or wet.

You can also follow some home remedies for hair masks and good oils that are mentioned in following links given below:



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