Why we get dandruff in our head/scalp?

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Why we get dandruff in our head/scalp? What are you doing that causing you dandruff?



Dandruff affects the over the 50 percent of people and not a pleasant thing to have in your scalp. It is presents with dry skin, or the skin which is sensitive to chemicals, dermatitis, tingling sensation or even present as greasy patches of dead cells.

It is not present if form of dryness but sometimes it is also present as a white greasy substance which happens when the sebum is mixed with it. Or sometime shampoo or conditioner is not washed properly and it form a moist combination with dandruff.

The most annoying part is itchy scalp and dead scalp skin cells on your shoulders. People with dark hair have more struggles to hide it. There are plenty of products in market that are available and they can effectively control it. But you have to give it some time and effort as it can happen again. It is almost impossible for you to open the hair or wear dark color as it can highlight your dandruff which is quite embarrassing.

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Causes of dandruff:

There are new skin cell formation and removing the dead skin cells from outer layer on our face, scalp and whole body. People who have dandruff , their skin cell cycle is working more fast than normal. Which cause cluster or flakes of dead skin cells on the outer layer. This case is a bit like eczema which also has same reason for dryness. If you have eczema , this can also give rise to dry flaky patches on your scalp.

Other reason for dandruff could be fungal infection which is caused by overgrowth of fungal cell in the scalp.this can cause by multiple reason and one of the major are unhygienic condition which involves excess sebum on scalp. Or sebum mixed with dirt on your hair for long period of time. Or you just have extra oily scalp that is producing excess sebum. Sometimes excess stress or depression can cause release of certain hormones which cause dandruff in hair.

Other reason could be dryness or not giving much of attention to the hair care like massaging your hair with oil or applying hair masks. Or you are using certain products that are making your scalp excess dry and itchy.


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Home remedies:

If your situation is worst then you should take an appointment and tell your doctor about situation. He will recommend you some medication or ointment to reduce the problem.

Furthermore, you can also follow some home remedies to get rid of dandruff effectively.


  • Mild shampoo and conditioner:

Use good brand shampoo and conditioner that claim to be anti-dandruff. They also have some ingredients that soothe the itching and tingling sensation in scalp. Also, wash your shampoo and conditioner properly from your hair and do not apply conditioner directly on your scalp.


It has one major role. As it increase the immunity of a person and make it able to get rid of normal problems or microorganism related problems. And in short help getting rid of dandruff, it is present in some food like yogurt, traditional buttermilk, pickles and some type of cheese, it is also present in market in form of supplements with proper doses.

  • Reduce stress and depression:

You need to work on your stress level as it can cause you many problems along with dandruff. You can learn to do some relaxing exercise and yoga to reduce stress. Furthermore, daily morning walk and jogging also help to reduce stress in body.

  • healthy lifestyle:

Try to follow healthy lifestyle by adding vegetables, fruits and lentils in your diet. They are rich with proteins, vitamins and antioxidant. Also, it will improve your immune system which can defend normal skin infections effectively.


Baking soda has awesome properties to reduce the growth of some fungal strain to 80% with immense antibacterial and antifungal properties. Take very small amount of water and mix it with one to three teaspoon of baking soda, and apply it on scalp and wash it away after 15 mins. Don’t apply it for too long or don’t use its excess as it’s a drying. Remember less is more in this case.


Salisylic acid is the major compound that Is present in aspirin and involve in anti inflammatory properties, Even mostly products present in market which claim to improve the dandruff has this ingredient.if u dissolve aspirin in water or in your regular oils so that will also helps to relieve its symptoms.



Aloe vera has similar properties with coconut and tea tree oil. But it is one of the best moisturizing ingredient, it works magic for dry scalp and relieve the itchiness and other symptoms of dandruff.



Coconut oil alone works fine too on mild type of dandruff. It has same properties like tea tree oil and works good for dandruff in long run


it works wonder for your skin. As it’s proved to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties. You can add it in some regular oil you use or use it with coconut oil as it might be irritating for some type of sensitive use if used directly, so when used in mixture with other oils or products then it’s the safest.

  • Essential oils:

Try to massage your hair with essential oil like almond oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil or rosemary oil once in a week. They also help to scalp rejuvenate and reduce any kind of infections. Also, you can apply certain hair masks to deal with this problem.

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