BAKING SODA SOAP ,Whiten Dark Underarms,Inner Thighs &Private BodY Parts

by Asima Butt
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Baking soda soap is a mind blowing remedy for acne, blackheads and exfoliation. It has strong anti-microbial properties and it dry out the existing acne and work on blemishes. 

As an exfoliant it removes dead cell from face or body and cleanse the pores. It is also good for oily skin people.

As it controls a little bit production of sebum on your skin.

If we use it in regular soaps or cleanser so we can avail its benefits on daily basis. As our underarms and under legs as some natural darkness or hyper-pigmentation and ladies get laser treatments done to get rid of it

. But all of us can’t afford these expensive multiple laser session so there are some ways make this type of soaps at home to get rid of these a little darker parts on your body in a natural way. Here are some easy steps.

First we need to know the ingredients with its quantity:

1- 1 teaspoon of baking soda
2- 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera gel
3- 2 vitamin E capsules
4- 1 pear soap or soap base
5- 1 teaspoon glycerin

The ingredients used in it are all working for skin’s benefit and for more brightening skin.

Aloe Vera gel has anti-microbial properties and one of the best moisturizing ingredients out there. Vitamin E also is working to make the skin tighter and it is working on scars.

It is an anti-oxidant and prevents photo aging. It also helps skin for moisture therapy.

People use it on permanent scars on their skin to get better results.

Method :

Take one glass/steel/silver bowl and add grated pear soap in it and add one teaspoon of baking soda.

Before adding baking soda,make sure it is fine and well crushed. Add one teaspoon of aloe Vera gel. Add two vitamin E capsules and stir it a little.

Now add a little amount of glycerin. Now put the bowl on heat through double boiler method.

Direct heat should not touch the bowl. As in double boiler method the bigger and a bit flat dish is filled with water and then put the bowl on it.

So this indirect heat will start to melt the contents like soap. Keep mixing it with time by time.

Now wait till it makes a homogeneous mixture.

When it makes a homogeneous mixture, put it in any desirable mold.

There are many type of molds with different shaped.

After that you can put the mold in refrigerator and wait for some hours and let it be completely set and take the soap out of it.

After that you don’t need to put it back in fridge. But if you do that’s fine too.


Now whenever you take shower. Use this soap on the whole body or only on darker parts in underarms or under legs and rub it with some bathing sponge.

This will show you results in some weeks and regular use is must to see the noticeable difference.

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