White lentils anti-aging CREAM at home

by Asima Butt
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Anti Aging White lentils CREAM at home



Urad lentil is a very know lentil in Asia and it is also called “mash daal” in Pakistan. In India it is called “urad daal” or urad lentil. It is used in different kind of food and it is not only a delicious food ingredients but it is very rich in protein, carbohydrate and essential fats. It helps us with many health conditions. This lentil has great ability to help in digestion, boost energy level in our body and improve the skin health in many ways.

This article will educate you how you can use urad lentil for your skin care and how it is effective for this purpose. We will learn to make white urad lentil cream and we can mix with other ingredients to get its benefits. This cream is specially used for whitening and anti-aging properties.


Benefits of urad lentils:


This lentil has natural anti-bacterial properties that help to fight against acne and most important it is great exfoliating agent. Its powder is used in exfoliating mask as it take off the and loosen up the dead skin cells. While rubbing your skin gently, your all dead skin cells come off.

This lentil is also very good source of treating or healing sunburn. As this lentil has cooling properties and it speeds up the healing process.

It is used as an antioxidant purpose which protects the skin from damaging rays of sun. This lentil helps to reduce the tan on skin as well. Because of its bleaching properties you will feel the difference in your complexion as well.

Moreover its use on skin will reduce the dark or aging spots from face.


Here are some easy steps to make its powder and cream at home:


How to make white lentil cream:


  • white lentils

  • Water


filtering process

First of all you need half cup of white lentils and pour it into a flat plate. Clean the lentils carefully and remove any kind of dust or dirt particles from it. Then wash it with running water for 4-5 times and make sure your lentils are completely clean.

Then leave it for 5-6 hours or you can also leave it for whole night. Next day take the bowl and take of some of water and put the lentil with some water in a grinding machine. Grind it till you get milky consistency and next step is filtering.

Filter this mixture through a thin cotton cloth as shown in the picture. When you got the filtered mixture put it in a pan and heat it up on flame. Wait until it start to get boils then turn down the flame a little. You need to remember more you will cook this mixture, thicker the cream will be. But we need moderate level consistency.

Put the filtered mixture in a suitable jar and keep it on room temperature. Wait for it to cool down for the use. When this mixture will become cooler it will become even more thick. Your cream is ready to be used in different masks.



You can use this cream alone or mix it with other ingredients as well. If your cream is very thick then you can put it on double boiler method for few second so it will get thin again or you can add other ingredients like aloe Vera gel to make a mask. You can also make a night cream using this lentil cream.

For that you need to follow certain steps:


  • lentils cream

  • Almond oil

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Aloe Vera gel


To make a mask or night cream from this cream you need to take 1 and half teaspoon of lentil cream and add half teaspoon of aloe Vera gel. Also, add half teaspoon of almond oil and 2 vitamin E capsules in it. Then mix the cream well and apply at night on your face, hands and neck. Massage it until it gets absorbed in your skin and leave it for overnight.


You can also use this lentil cream alone for anti-wrinkles purpose. You can store this cream in refrigerator for a week and make different mask from it. Make it normal routine of your everyday life and keep using it for 4-5 weeks to see the obvious results for anti-aging skin.


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