“White Hair” in young age -Treatment at home

by Asima Butt
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“White Hair” in young age -Treatment at home



White hair in young age is getting so common now a days. When a human gets aged, his hair do change color because pigment cells functioning get affected. It might be affected by multiple reason. Our skin has million of hair follicles that contain and generate hair, pigmentation and oil glands.


Cause of white hair in young age might be because of nutritional deficiency as well. Studies has shown that people who lack vitamin D, B-6, biotin and B12 tend face this problem sooner. If whitening of hair is because of this nutritional deficiency then we can reverse its effects by supplying body with these nutrition.

Whitening of hair mainly cause by genetics. People who have family history to run this problem in family have greater chance. Main reason can not defines exactly but this is how a certain human is programmed or design by nature.

This problem is also cause by some auto immune disease like vitiligo. Your own body defence system take your body own certain cells as a foreigner and start killing them. Like if your hair follicles are target then it will reduce the body’s pigmentation in hair and skin cell. You might starts to loose hair as well.

Smoking can also provoke whitening of hair. Daily life and environmental stress also play a major role. If your hair are expose to environment like sun, wind, dust , heat or severe cold so they are also vulnerable for this damage.


Today in this article we will talk about some home remedy that might or might not work for you but it is always better to try. We will use mint leaves and amla for this remedy and you can make its spry. Here are some very easy steps one by one:



  • mint leaves

  • Amla

  • Water

  • Empty spray bottle



first of all you need to take dry amla in crush form and add it in big pan. Then add fresh and washed mint leaves in it and add 1000 gram water. Boil it on a stove and wait till the leaves starts to loose its color.

Almost after 20 minutes you can turn off the stove and let it cool down for a bit. Filter the juice from leaves in a bottle spray.


Usually we are suppose to wash our hair with this water but in this remedy you need to spray it on your whole scalp after taking a bath. You can store this water in refrigerator. Keep using it for at least 2-3 month to see the prominent results. It might or might not help you with the hair which are already white but it might help you to decrease this process in your hair.



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