Weight Loss With Senna Makki Tea or Qahwa

by Asima Butt
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Weight Loss With Senna Makki Tea or Qahwa


This article will educate you with a unique home remedy to decrease the weight in short period of time. It is commonly available and most people might know about this tea. We all know that losing weight is big problem and it need quite a struggle and effort. People follow heavy diet plan and workout in gyms for an hour or more. But we are not claiming that you do not need to any of these struggle for weight loss. But your workload might reduce for this purpose and you get better and quick response. As this special tea which is called senna makki will speed up this process through different mechanisms that it perform in our body.

As this drink will aid you to lose weight with your daily diet and exercise. You can see the quick response on weight machine and you will see the difference in your overall health as well. Do not forget that only taking this drink will not make a drastic difference as it just facilitate the weight loss. You must have the proper diet chart from a nutritionist and proper exercise. You can add this drink in your daily diet chart.

Benefits of senna mikki:

This consist of inform a plant which is called senna and we gather its leaves and dry it. They are easily available from market. This tea is being used as main ingredient for weight loss as it helps to decrease the weight in short period of time. How it helps in weight loss, its one mechanism include relieve constipation and promote quick digestion by speeding up your body metabolism. This leaves have special ingredients which will improve the bowel movements and also relieve the colic symptoms.

This tea also have anti-inflammatory and microbial properties for which it is also very good for any kinds of infection. It will help you with most notorious skin condition which is called acne. As it reduce the growth of acne bacteria on the skin. Being anti-inflammatory it will bring down the swelling or irritation on any part of the body which majorly include your stomach, skin. Spleen and liver. This tea also have very major benefits for relieving pain and this pain could be cause by any reason like, menstrual pain, joints pain or muscular pain.

Senna makki leaves also bring down the fever and combat against typhoid, gout and abdominal distention. MorEover it helps with piles,indigestion, fatigue, nausea,eclampsia, malaria and many more problems.It even helps to relieve anxiety symptoms in certain patients.



Here are some easy steps to make this tea:


  • senna makki dried leaves

  • Water



To make this tea or kahwa you need dried senna makki leaves that you can get easily from market or some medical store. Squeeze these dried leaves so it get a little small pieces form and store it some airtight container. Whenever you want to have this tea, you can take 1-2 tablespoon of it and pour 2 cup of water in a pan. Then put this pan on a stove and heat it up for sometime so all the essence of leaves get dissolved in the water. Wait till 2 cup of water reduces to one or half cup of water.

Then filter this mixture through a strainer and your tea is ready. You can keep the eaves in an airtight container and prepare this tea at the particular time of the day when you are supposed to take it. This tea has a little bitter taste but it results make it worth trying.


You can take this tea at afternoon or evening. Try the less quantity at the start and it is not recommended for people with underlying health conditions like blood pressure. You better ask your doctor before taking it. Take half cup at first then one cup in a day is enough. keep using it for at least a month to see its amazing results on your weight and overall health.


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