Weight Loss Powder To Lose Weight Quickly 

by Asima Butt
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Weight Loss Powder To Lose Weight Quickly 

This article will educate with some very important and helpful ingredients  to reduce weight. you can mix these ingredients in a form of powder and use it in water as drink for the daily use. Its regular use can make a huge difference in losing weight in short period of time.

here are ingredients and the method step by step to make this drink at home:


  • Flax seeds

  • Ginger powder

  • White cumin

  • Lemon peel powder



To make this weight loss powder, first of all you need lemon peels and we will make its powder out of these peels. You can take 10-12 lemons and squeeze their juice in an empty bottle and store it for future use. Then take these peels and turn their inside surface to the outside. Leave these in sun for 2-3 days as it depends on the climate and intensity of sun. In some are peels will take less time to get completely dry and in some cooler area they will take more time. So it depends on the climate entirely.

When the peels has dried out to a crusty form then grind these peels in a grinding machine and get it in its powder form. After that filter this powder through a strainer or a thin cotton cloth to get its fine powder. Here filtering process is optional as we are not going to apply it on our face as a mask.

After that take a handful of flax seeds and warm them up on pan so all the germs get destroyed with heat. Heat it up for 5 minutes at least.

When you are done with flax seeds then take a handful of white cumin and roast them on a pan without adding anything in it for 5 minutes. Now let the flax seeds and white cumin get cool down for a while.

Next step is to get powder from dry ginger. You can dry the ginger in sunlight and grind its pieces in a grinding machine in order to get its powder.

How to mix the right ingredients:

First of all you need 5  tablespoon of flax seeds and t tablespoon of white cumin in a grinding machine. Also, add one teaspoon of ginger powder and one and half tablespoon of lemon peel powder. Now grind the mixture to get a homogeneous mixture. Your powder is now ready as shown in the picture.



To make this drink you need to add half teaspoon of this powder in half glass of water and drink it after 2 meals in a day. You can store this powder in an airtight container for future and convenient use.

If you think this drink is suitable to your body or you get any kind of upset stomach or something then you can discontinue it use. But these kinds of side effects are usually rare. Keep using this powder for a month and keep check your wait time to time to see the prominent results.


Benefits of ingredients:



Ginger is another great source of losing weight. You might have heard a lot about ginger tea. As it supress the appetite and your daily food intake get prominently decreased. Because it has large content of water in it which is best hunger satisfying ingredient.

It also improve your metabolism by speeding up its processes and lower your cholesterol level.


Lemon peels:

Lemon water is a wonderful detox water for your body. It is a simple lemon extract in water. It depends on you how you want to take it. You can take it cold or hot but it would be better to not add sugar in it if you are aiming to lose weight.

It has a natural plant pigment called flavonoid that helps your cells for getting damage. Lemon simply cleanse your digestive system and increase the process of metabolism. That special quality help you to burn calories in your body.

It is a rich source of vitamin C( a very strong source of an antioxidant) and K which is the main source to control the blood pressure and prevent from heart diseases.Lemon has a particular type of acids that decrease the digestion process which allows more absorption of nutrients. It even speed up the functioning of liver which in return increase the excretion of waste product from your body.

White cumin:

Cumin is very important ingredient in this powder as it helps to losing weight. As it controls cholesterol and diabetes level in body. Cumin is a rich source of iron and recover the iron deficiency in anemic patients.

It promote the reduction of weight and losing fats of the body. White cumin also help to promote digestion which is also a minor cause of weight loss.


Flax seeds:

Flax seeds contain extremely important omega 3 essential fatty acid which doesn’t let increase the wight like other fats and oils. It promotes digestion and facilitate weight loss quickly in a human body. Moreover it contains magnesium, calcium, lignin and phosphorus.

Flax seeds are actually good source of fiber in diet which reduce the condition of constipation and diarrhea. These seeds actually boost the metabolism level, control the appetite , reduce inflammation and prevents the heart diseases as well.

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