Vitiligo, symptoms and why it happens?

by Asima Butt
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Vitiligo, symptoms and why it happens?


Vitiligo is quite a rare genetic disorder that can disturb the pigmentation of the skin. Also, this disorder can occur in any age but usually it happens before the age of 20. this article will especially talk about vitiligo, what are it types and what cause this genetic disorder, furthermore, you will learn what you can do to treat or control it. As it is not life threatening disorder and it doesn’t need emergency medical attention. But in rare cause it can be the risk factor for skin cancer so you should always talk to your doctor and take the guidance as well. This article will give you some overview and general knowledge about this disorder.


What is vitiligo and it symptoms?


Vitiligo is a genetic disorder that cause lightening or loss of pigmentation from skin or hair color in form of patches on face or any part of the body.

Symptoms are usually described as

  • Loss of skin color for any part of the body in form of patches.
  • Change in the color of retina in the eyeball
  • Premature lightening of hair on your body, eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Also, in some cases you can observe the loss of pigment from inner lining of the tissue in mouth and nose.

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How does it happen?


Actually our skin cells has melanin protein which is responsible for giving color to our skin. You can say more melanin you have in your skin, darker your complexion will be. Its production is control by an enzyme tyrosinase. Your melanin production may raise if you are exposed to the sun light and this is the way to get tan in sun.


When this melanocytes stops or reduce the production of melanin pigment in the skin cells for any reason. This is random pattern and it can affect your skin unpredictable way. As it can happen or just one size of the body or white patches can be present on both side of the body.




  • Usually this is cause by autoimmune disease and body’s own defence system take the melanocytes as invading foreign cells. In result, they start to destroying these cells and you start to reduce the melanin production and can have white patches over the destroyed melanocytes.
  • It can also happen because of some other stimulus like stress, intense sunlight or industrial chemical that may cause injury of these skin cells.

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Types of vitiligo:


  • Usually it has different types according to which it defects the body. Also,It is usually difficult to progress how the disease will progress according to its type.



General type: this can usually happen on any part of the body and it is the most common type. Also, it tend to progress on any side of the body which is Is also called the symmetrical type.


Localized Type: sometime It can happen on a particular part of the body without spreading to other parts.


Segmental type: this type can happen on one part or side of the body.

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Vitiligo doesn’t cause any pain or change in body function but it can put you under a social pressure. Unfortunately, there is no cure to stop the correct the damage but there is treatment which can stop the or reduce the intensity of vitiligo. Or treatments can stop it to spread throughout the body.


There are many medication and cosmetic procedure that are available that can help to make the even skin color. But different people show a different response to the treatments and there results may vary. Also, it requires quite long time to start showing work.


Topical ointments:

Usually they may apply corticosteroids ointment on the skin to reduce inflammation and can return the pigment of the skin to some extent. Also there is cream that are used for tanning the skin which can be temporary and also some makeup products can be used to hide it .



Your doctor might also prescribes you with some immunosuppressant that can calm down the immune system from destroying normal cells. But with this body can also get vulnerable to get other infections. Your doctor will definitely prescribe you if he thinks there are more benefits than possible harms.

cosmetic treatments:

Also there are many cosmetic procedure that you should get guidance from your dermatologist as it could have possible side effects. it includes light therapies, depigmentation , skin grafting through  surgery.


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