Vitamin C Tablets Face Mask for Skin Brightening

by Asima Butt
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Vitamin C Tablets Face Mask for Skin Brightening


Vitamin c is the most amazing natural occurring and powerful antioxidant. Our body cannot synthesize it on its own like plants so therefore we need to obtain it from outside like citrus fruits and vegetables. Like strawberries, raspberries, papaya and vegetables, like leafy greens and broccoli.

We don’t only get this from eating these type of foods but also we can get better results if we use it topically through some serum, creams or oils. There are lot of products available in market but most of the good quality product are too expensive. So it’s the best way to make your own serum or creams at home.

In this way we are using the most fresh and process free things and most important free of chemicals. People with acne can make the best use of this serum. As it is most important skin care of daily is best to improve the skin textured which is the most common gift of it.


It decreases the process of aging as an strong antioxidant and brighten up the skin complexion. Vitamin C increases the cell turn over and increase the repair the damaged skin cells. It strongly supports the connective tissues and helps in wound healing and blemish removal.

It also has very good exfoliation properties. Furthermore, it loosen up the dead skin cell and they can easily b taken off from skin by gentle scrubbing. In short it plays major role in making skin soft and younger looking.




Fuller’s earth is famous for its exfoliation properties. It takes off the dead skin cell from the face and in return it deeply cleanses your pores. It takes off all kind of bacteria, oils and dirt from the pores. It also helps with control on oil production. It gives your skin tightening effect. Furthermore, It is good for people of all age. It even treats acne and reduces the blackheads, cyst and blemishes from your skin.

It reduce the tan on your skin. If you have some sun burn on your skin or even on body, it helps to take away the pigmentation. It is very effective in reducing the blackheads and white heads through scrubbing. It has antiseptic and cooling properties. It also helps in fading scars. It can be used as warm and cold compress.






  • Vitamin C capsule

  • Fuller’s earth

  • Rose-water

  • Glycerin

  • Almond oil



First of all you need to add vitamin C capsule in a bowl with 2-3 tablespoon of rose water. You can add more rose-water according to need and mix the mixture properly. Wait for the tablet to dissolve completely.


If your skin is dry then you can add few drops of almond oil and glycerin. But if you have very oily to combination skin then avoid or skip this step.

Then add half to 1 tablespoon fuller’s earth and mix it properly.



you can use it daily like you use your normal soap or face wash.

Store it in a refrigerator and try to make enough quantity so it will last for a week.

If you want to use it for long time or you have made excess quantity then you can freeze it in ice cubes form.

Every time you want to wash your face with it, you can take one ice cube and wash your face with.

Keep using it for at least one month and you feel the obvious results.



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