Ubtan Face Wash For Skin Whitening in 20 min

by Asima Butt
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Ubtan Face Wash For Skin Whitening in 20 min



ubtan face wash

This article will tell you the beneficial properties of split chickpeas  and rice. Furthermore , you will learn how you can make a wonderful home remedy from it. Nature has blessed us with so many things in different form that are not only salutary for our good health but also we can use them topically to enhance our physical appearance. Skin always come first whenever we talk about our beauty care.

Skin is a vital and biggest organs that needs most care because it is the one which is experiencing the harsh environment like sun, wind, humidity, dust, pollution and germs. With many other beneficial ingredients we will discuss split chickpeas face wash/cream/cleanser today and how we can use it at home. There are many creams and cleansers and they all have different purpose. Today we are going to make split chickpeas cleanser  and its face wash that will also help your skin with a lot of problem. Furthermore it will reduce the pore size and reduce excess sebum production. This is also very good for anti-aging and moisturizing as well.

In this article you will also have some ubtan properties in soap which is very famous for skin glow. For that purpose we will also add turmeric which is raw and fresh. Here are some easy steps to make this face wash ubtan at home:


Procedure for face wash ubtan:


  • split chickpeas

  • Water

  • Rice

  • Any beauty soap

  • Almond oil

  • Lemon

  • Fresh raw turmeric



First of all, you need to take 2-3 tablespoon of fresh chickpeas in a bowl and also add 2-3 tablespoon of rice in it. Add half cup of water or enough water so all the grains can get dissolved into the water. Leave it in fridge for whole night or for 4-5 hours. If it is winters then you can also keep this mixture on room temperature.

Then take another bowl filled half with water and add 1/4th part of any beauty soap that works great for your skin.

After that take mixture of rice and chickpeas in the blending machine and blend it until it make a smooth and soft paste. Then add soap which soaked in water in this mixture and also add its water in it. At the end, add half-inch of fresh turmeric and half lemon juice in this mixture as well. Furthermore, if you have dry skin then you can also add few drops of almond oil in it. Blend the mixture again to get a uniform mixture as shown in the picture.



You can store this for 1 week in the refrigerator as it is natural soap with natural papaya in it. Hot weather can spoil the soap if kept on room temperature. You can wash your face, neck, hand or whole body with this soap and your results will be instant. Keep using it for at least a month to see the prominent and noticeable difference.


Benefits of ingredients:

Ingredients present in this mixture will provide you many benefits that will help your skin or that particular clustered cells to reduce its pigmentation. It has vitamins that will help to lighten up the skin as it inhibit the production of melanin by controlling the activity of tyrosinase enzyme. There are also many antioxidants in this mask which will bring down the damaging effects of sun. Furthermore, it will decrease the further damage to your skin. There is also a hydrating base which is provided by these. It will attract the water-soluble content which will get absorbed into the skin and aid the fading process of wrinkles.

Split chickpeas is extremely beneficial and important for your daily skin care routine. It has so many benefits which are not just for health but it has taken quite the top place in skin care for home remedies. People have used this split chickpeas for quite long in their daily skin care regime.

Split chickpeas helps to improve the tanning of skin which is caused by UV damaging rays of the sun. Hence it is helping in whitening of skin and give it a fresh glow. It loosens up the dead skin cells on your facial skin and which come off easily by a gentle scrub and promote the renewal of out layer. Then you have fresh and younger looking skin. Furthermore, it gives you an instant glow.

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