Tricks and remedies to grow thicker and longer eyelashes

by Asima Butt
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Tricks and remedies to grow thicker and longer eyelashes


You eyelashes are one of the very important and attractive part on your eyes. Every girl dreams to have thicker and longer eyelashes and it is quite basic. If you have bigger eyelashes your eyes get 10 times more prettier. Some people are really blessed to have them naturally as they might have inherited good genes. But some people are not very blessed regarding that but it is not the end of the world. There are some tricks, hacks and remedies that you can do to make them strong, big and thick.


Reason for light or unhealthy eyelashes:


Usually people who even have big eyelashes start to shed the lashes because of lack of proper care. As our lashes just like our skin, nails and hair also need proper attention and care. If you have good lashes so you might lose them as well if you continue being harsh on them.

For example applying cheap mascara, using eyelash curler frequently and getting applying false lashes with substandard glues.These all thing are involved in light or unhealthy or you might have some underlying health condition which is playing its part.

There are some autoimmune diseases like” Alopecia Areata” in which body’s own immune cells attack the normal and healthy hair follicles. This kind of condition results in hair fall, loss of hair from eyebrows and eyelashes.

Moreover if your thyroid is not working properly which is called a health condition “hypothyroidism” in which your body hair starts to shed, become thin and rough.

Some sort of medication and poor nutrition can also cause this problem. Also, if you any kind of infection on your skin which can also contribute to shedding of eyelashes.


Some tricks and home remedies to get thick and longer lashes:


  • First you need to remember is to go gent on your eyes and eyelashes. Do not rub it unnecessarily or apply cheap glues to stick false eyelashes. Apply Vaseline while taking off makeup or false lashes.
  • Moreover avoid  using cheap and substandard eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Avoid using water proof mascara as well which has a negative effect especially while taking it off.
  • Take healthy diet so it will not only help in thickness of your eyelashes but even your hair. Good diet and health is key to the beauty as well.try to take food rich in vitamin E, C ,H and niacin etc. Try calcium diet as well as it helps to maintain hair health as well.


Home remedies:

A very best home remedy that you can do at home is apply serum and oil on your eyelashes. Oils like coconut oil, almond oil, coconut milk, olive oil, aloe Vera gel and castor oil proved to be great for maintaining eyelashes health.

That best product you can make by mixing few drops of each oil and apply at your lashes at night before going to sleep. Leave it on for whole night and you can repeat this process at least once or twice a week.

Moreover this mixture might be very oily so you can absorb the excess with some clean cotton cloth. This mixture will provide your lashes with all necessary nutrition and moisture. These oil have anti-inflammatory and microbial property and it will keep any kind of infection at bay.

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