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Aging is very programmed and natural process where many genetic and physical changes are going on in body. Real cause of this is still uncertain as methylation of DNA goes on and many natural proteins and hormones starts to decrease. We don’t only feel this aging process internally but also externally on skin. It is first starts to show on your skin or face.

Main reason of aging of skin is due to sun. Every single second spent in sunlight is culprit behind it. Because damaging UV rays of sun cause oxidation process on skin which cause emission of free radicals and they cause dull and wrinkled skin.

There are many products in market that claimed to b anti aging for your skin and they are very costly. Here in this article we will guide you that how you can do some things as home remedies to prevent the fast aging process. You will learn how you can avoid certain things to slow down this process.

We will use alum in our remedy today. Some of you people must be aware of this and its effects on skin.



  • Alum                                        

  • Honey

  • Lemon



First of all we need alum. It is mostly available in crystal form and we can easily get it from market. We need to convert the crystal form into fine powder form through grinding process. Take one alum crustal and crush it in small pieces and put in a grinding machine and get its fine powder form.

Then you need to take one teaspoon of alum in a bowl. This face pack is going to be for both hands and the face. After that add one teaspoon honey in and  mix it properly. You can add few drop of lemon. If you think this material is not enough then you can add a little bit more face pack for wrinkles and tightening is ready.



You can use it one or twice in a week and it is fine for every skin type but first you need to test in on some small patch of on your skin to see if it suits you. If you don not feel any itching or tingling symptoms then your are good to go and give it a try on your whole face, hands or feet.

You need to apply it on your any body area and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Don’t leave it on your skin for too much long as it can cause excess tightening which can get uncomfortable. After applying 5-10 minutes rinse it off.

Make sure you make new mask every time you want to use it. You can’t make excess of it and you can not store it in a refrigerator.




Alum is very important for tightening and reducing the wrinkles on your face. It will also prevent formation of more wrinkles it will help the skin with acne or normal pimples. Alum has such properties in its chemical structure that will prevent the premature aging of your skin. It has so many other health benefits.

Alum used in tightening of vagina , in mouth wash products, water purification, combat diarrhea and dysentery etc.



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