Tragacanth gum Powder For anti-aging, Fair & Glowing Skin

by Asima Butt
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Tragacanth gum Powder For anti-aging, Fair & Glowing Skin


Today this article will introduce you with one more an outstanding remedy for aging skin. It is usually for premature aging because in this condition your all natural proteins and growth factor are present. But your skin still going towards it quickly so it is easy to handle in this case.

This remedy will use targacanth gum herb on skin and it is very good for aging skin.  This ingredient is involved in direct stimulation of protein factor on skin cells that are important for formation of new collagen and elastin. When these proteins are started to produce naturally again so it will reduce the texture of skin and reduce the wrinkle on skin. When your natural proteins are increasing that will automatically help your skin to get fresh and younger looking effects.

Here are some easy steps to make this sold gel at home in some easy steps:


  • tragacanth gum

  • Almond oil

  • Glycerin

  • Any moisturizer or lotion

  • Vitamin E capsule



First of all you need tragacanth gum which is easily available in market. We need it fine powder form but it is usually available in small crystals form. What we can do is to first crush it in very small particles then put it in a grinding machine and grind it to get its powder form. This powder is the main ingredient we are going to use in our skin for its multiple benefits for skin.

We need half teaspoon of it as it get swelled up and get more in quantity. First you should make this cream and try it on skin. If it suits you then you can make more of it and store it in refrigerator. Take half teaspoon of tragacanth powder in a bowl and add two teaspoon of any moisturizer that suits you best. Mix it well and you will see this powder will soak all the lotion in it and after that you can add a little bit more lotion to make a little rehydrating as we don’t need very dry version of it. Then add 3 vitamin E capsule and mix it again.

After that add half or one teaspoon of glycerin and mix it well. This will make your skin very hydrating as well. Even after sometime this mixture will get dry too as shown in the picture. But after that we do not need to add more greasy elements.

You can put this creamy mixture in a suitable jar for future use.



This cream will be in a hard form and it is different to use this kind or mixtures on face. You can take pea size amount of it and add any good moisturizer which could be whitening or hydrating and mix it in palm of your hand. Then apply it on your whole face. Use it before going to bed or wash it off after 2-3 hours whenever you apply. As it is a bit sticky in natural and it can get uncomfortable while you sleep with it. Keep using it for a month to the prominent results on aging skin.



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