Top 6 foundations for oily skin (high end version)

by Asima Butt
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Top 5 foundations for oily skin (high end version)

Foundation is the most important step of our makeup routine and without it any makeup look is incomplete. Foundation is actually a base that is use to make your skin even tone, moisturizer, sometime change your color tone and hide any blemishes. There are heap amount of foundation available in market some are for dry skin. Some of them for oily and combination skin.

Which one will suits you best it can only be decided if you try it on your own or select your foundation with recommendation of people who have your skin type. But it is not always helpful as everyone has their own skin type and something may be helping for other. But it might not necessarily suite your skin the way it suite someone else’s skin. But it might worth giving the try as we are going to discuss about some foundation that has work best for my oily skin.

Well my skin type is quite oily and it is hard for some foundation to spend at least 4-6 hours on my skin. So you can relate if you have oily skin as well and try these for your skin as well. You might get lucky to find your holy grail.

My one economic suggestion is to purchase sample size and give it a try on your skin. If it works for you then you can buy the full size bottle.


Here are some of my holy grail foundations for oily skin:


  • Estee lauder double wear foundation:


You might have heard about it before from someone but trust me it is one of the best foundations ever made for oily skin. Your makeup is not going to move from it place by applying this foundation is a bit tricky part. Try to exfoliate and moisturize your face properly before applying this. Furthermore, it is sweat and transfer prof foundation.

  • Mac studio fix fluid foundation:


This is my another holy grail product for oily skin. It has even thick consistency than estee lauder and it is best for bridal makeup or for special events. As your skin look flawless in this foundation for flash photography. It is available in huge color range but finding one might be different as they have reverse their skin tone system. Like NC is for warm tones and NW is for cool tone skin shade. I have neutral skin tone so I have bought N4 which match perfectly with my skin.


  • Urban decay all nighter foundation:


This is my another favourite foundation for oily skin and it is best for the season when it is neither hot nor cold. Because it give a very beautiful glow to my skin. It also has a quality to reduce the pore size and it might work for textured skin very well. Well choosing color shade is a bit tricky as it oxidizes to 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone. So make sure you chose the shade 2 tone lighter than your actual skin tone.


  • Tarte amazonian clay 12 hour foundation:


This is not my most favourite but it also work fair enough to keep by skin oils at bay. It has a little bit heavy texture to it that it gives the look that you are wearing makeup. This is full coverage foundation like all the mentioned above and you might not find so many shade range in this one. But it can keep my skin matte for at least 5-6 hours which is a pretty much good time for me.


  • NARS sheer glow foundation:


Last but not least this is my another one of the best foundations for oily skin. You should give it a try if you have oily skin like me. This foundation gives skin like appearance on face and I can spend 5 hours at least with this foundation without any shine. It also give a flawless application on skin and feel light weight as well.


  • Fenty beauty:

This is my another oil control foundation that  can also use on normal routine. Try to prepare your skin before its application that it might cling to your dry patches. proper exfoliation, moisturizing  and primer is must for all of these full coverage foundation.


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