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Saffron benefits, uses and home remedies



Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world and it is obtained from a flower of plant called Crocus Savitus. It is purple color flower and saffron is actually a thread like texture thing of this flower. If we gather saffron from a thousand of this plant flower then it might make few grams. Gathering this flower is quite hard which makes it a very expensive spice.

This spice has been cultivated in many regions for its so many benefits. It is used in making many types of medicines and it works wonders for skin and hair as well. Its cosmetic use is also very common and famous.

Today this article will discuss about it medical benefits and cosmetic benefits for skin and hair as well. Here are some benefits mentioned below:


Improve digestive system:


Many people use this spice with combination of milk as it is anti-inflammatory and solve many problem related to digestive system.

Moreover, this spice also has antioxidant which help to release the toxins from the body and prevent it from any genetic error.


Increase in libido:


This is also involve in increase libido as it increase the sex hormone in the body. Moreover this can also be given to people with delayed puberty as increased level of hormones can help to develop the secondary sexual characteristics. People undergoing certain treatments for particular underlying health condition can feel less sexual desire. Taking this spice in any drink or milk can affect naturally to increase libido.


Treat wounds:


This spice is also involved in effective healing of wound which could be cut or burns. This has anti-inflammatory properties and healing elements that can speed up the recovery. Furthermore, this herb can increase the formation of collagen and fiber toward the wound site and skin can recover quickly.


Good for late pregnancy:


women can take very small amount of saffron in late third trimester which can effectively help the women to prepare for delivery. As it promotes the thinning of cervix and increase its effacement. In which cervix become more lubricated and thin which is positive factor for ease in normal delivery. Be aware to not take in early pregnancy or in too much quantity as it can also cause early uterine contractions.


Relieve pain:

This spice is also involved in relieving certain types of pains especially related to digestive system or menstruation in women. Women who get severe pain around their periods should give this spice a try. You can take a pinch or saffron in warm milk and it can relieve your menstrual cramps and pain.


Used as food color:


This spice has a beautiful yellowish golden color which is very beneficial in giving color to any food or dessert. It is being widely used in many dishes especially rice or curry.


Skin benefits of saffron:


Saffron is an amazing thing it has so many important character that play huge role for our skin maintenance. It is an amazing antioxidant that protect our skin from sun. It is doing so by canceling the effects of free radicals that are formed by oxidation process by UV rays of sun in our cells.

Saffron has multiple vitamin like A, B and C which are really important for our skin health. It is also an anti-inflammatory that treats many infection and inflammation on our skin like acne. It treat acne blemishes and scars to some extent as well.

Along with being anti-inflammatory it is also anti-fungal and control the growth of normal growth of fungus so it doesn’t exceed or play havoc on our skin.


Improve brain function:

Saffron is also involved in used in certain medicine or people take it in diet to improve brain health. It increase the efficiency of brain function in improving memory , Alzheimer’s disease, brain cell inflammation and Parkinson’s disease. This is possible because of presence of crocin which involved in improving the brain health overall.


Home remedy to make saffron serum:

You can prepare saffron serum for skin fairness as mentioned below:





Olive oil

Aloe Vera gel





To make this serum you need to take half cup of rice and leave them in 2 cups of water for whole night. After that grind this rice water mixture in a grinding machine until rice get a fine form. Then filter the mixture through a cotton cloth or through a very fine strainer. Now you have got the rice water.


In next step, add few drops of olive oil in it and give the heat to mixture in microwave for at least 2 minutes. Then let it cool down for a bit and take another bowl with one teaspoon of glycerin in it. Mix the glycerin well and add one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel in it.


Also add a big pinch of saffron and keep mixing this mixture for at least 2-3 minutes so all the ingredient get absorbed into each other.Then keep adding one tablespoon of rice water in and keep mixing the mixture. After half cup of quantity, pour this mixture into the rice water and mix it well.



You can use this serum every night before going to bed. Apply a thin layer n your whole face until it gets absorbed into your can use it every night and keep the serum in refrigerator in summer. You can keep it on room temperature in winters.







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