tips to lose weight in short period of time

by Asima Butt
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Tips to lose weight in short period of time


Well obesity is one of the big problems and it has drawn many your girls and boys into depression. Overweight people tend to have this low self-confidence which affects their life in normal routine. No matter how fat you are but it is never too late to get yourself out of it.

We can make little changes so we can get ourselves healthy and slim. Here we are not going to talk about size zero because this is not the motto. Main purpose of these article is to gain healthy weight range according to your age and height.

Having healthy food and healthy lifestyle is so important because obesity or being overweight is the root to many disease. So it’s not just affecting us in our self-confidence but it brutally affect our health. If you are overweight then you are most like to develop high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, kidney and heart diseases, diabetes and many more fetal disease.

So today this article will educate you with certain things and healthy lifestyle that you can adopt to start reducing your weight. Furthermore, if you do walk , jog or exercise then you can certainly speed up this process.

Tricks to healthy life:


1-walk,jog or exercise:

First thing you can adopt is make an addition of walking or jogging in your life. If it is morning then it is even better but you can choose a time to do so which you find easier. At start you can’t walk or jog for hours because we usually don’t have stamina. But regular workout adds stamina to our body and we get comfortable with it. This is one of the best trick you can do to lose weight and keep yourself away from diseases.

2-reduce depression:

When you exercise or walk or do cardio in any way our body release certain chemicals which make us excited and happy. These are BDNF and endorphins that help us to relieve anxiety and stress.  So this is how we can reduce this main disease from our life which is a path toward healthy and happy life for sure.


2-Healthy diet:


Next step you can adopt is adding foods in your diet which will not only keep you full for long but will provide you with important nutrients. Diet doesn’t mean to starve yourself because this is not the healthy way. As when you leave this diet you go back to junk and eat it even more.your motto should be:

  • Get yourself food which makes your hunger satisfied for long and have fibers in abundance.
  • Foods that increase your metabolism level.
  • Cut down you extra calories that your body doesn’t need.


Foods that you can add and eliminate in your diet:


  • You can do so by getting food like green vegetables like broccoli,cabbage, cauliflower, spinach cucumber and lettuce.
  • Try to take proteins in breakfast like eggs. Any good diet chart will add eggs in breakfast for sure as it has high protein content and it will keep you fill for long without adding extra calories to your body. Moreover you can add protein by taking meat and seafood in daily intake.
  • You must get rid of drinks or food that have excess carbohydrate and starches. If you reduce taking these in your diet you will feel less hungry and which is the big step toward losing weight.
  • Get rid of unhealthy oil and try to adopt the healthy one. Like if you add certain oil in your food while cooking replace it with a healthy one. Like non processed butter, avocado oil and olive oil.
  • You can have a day off which is also called a cheat day and you can eat junk as well which make you less miserable. Because it is not very easy to stop eating it completely. You can gradually decrease the amount you used to take. It is a bit conflicting but still it is helping a bit.
  • Try to eat three-time in a day in chunks and eat slowly and properly so your body has to do less effort.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink water half an hour before taking meal. This trick will help you to lose weight as well.


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