Things you should know about acne and its causes:

by Asima Butt
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Things you should know about acne and its causes:



Acne is a very common skin condition usually happen almost with 80% of the teenage population. It is not very uncommon to get acne in late 20s. this article will educate you about what you can do when you experience this problem is moderate or sever form. What you can do and what things you should avoid during this time to relieve this trouble.


What is acne?


It is actually present on skin in form of small or big red bump which might or might not have white gunk in it also called pustules. Most of the times it starts with black or white heads on the nose and cheeks. Some people get the deep and sever kind of pimples also called cyst. There are different types with multiple different reason and also require different treatments. some of types and their appearances are mentioned in the picture.




Acne has multiple reason and it is not entirely cause acne bacteria on skin. Some changes are being going on in our body that facilitate this phenomenon.

Hormonal imbalance and excess sebum:


Usually when you enter the teenage. There is sudden and fast changes in hormones are going on. This affect the production of sebum which is attached to the hair follicles in pores present in dermis layer. More sebum can attract more bacteria, and dirt to the skin. When these bacteria, dirt particles, sebum, makeup residue etc get trapped in our pores it form a plug in form of white or back head. Sometimes it gets inflammation and take a form of bump or big                                                                              swollen pustule with gunk.


stress or anxiety:


Usually if you any kind of social or work pressure or any kind of stress can trigger or worsen this condition. Because stress can disturb the hormone balance in our body and it doesn’t just disturb the skin but also hair and other body phenomenon.




People who take excess dairy, oily food or sugars in their diet during this particular age tend to get acne as well. This topic is a bit debatable as it is not entirely a reason but it is involved in this phenomenon. Research has shown that particular types of diet like dairy and greasy food can trigger or worsen this condition.




Use of excess cosmetics especially sub standard products that tend to clog in your pore give rise to acne as well. even if you use reliable cosmetic brand but removing the make up with proper makeup remover and doing proper cleansing so no dirt or cosmetic residue is remaining in your pores.




Sometimes it is in your genes that you get more vulnerable to get this skin condition. Your lifestyle, skin care and diet has a major role in triggering this problem. If it is running in your family so you have higher chances to get this skin condition as well.


Poor hygiene:


Poor hygiene is another reason for give favorable condition to the bacteria on skin. If this bacteria starts over growing on our skin then we face the consequences of acne on our face, back and chest.


Poor skin care routine:


At this time period our skin needs maximum care and good products to supply it with important ingredients. But if you are not careful enough then you might get this skin condition. If you are not exfoliating or cleansing your skin. For example if your skin is very oily so you entirely avoid use of moisturizer on your skin that is another debate that we can do and it destroy your skin.




Remember one thing, if you get occasional few pimples on your face then it is not alarming. You can use some over the counter skin products to relieve the symptoms. But if you think you are getting pimple in quite a number then you must consult a broad certified dermatologist.

Some people don’t care and they end up full face with pimple. Pimple goes away at some stage of your life when your hormones get back to normal level or with proper medication . But they left your skin with shallow or deep unwanted scars which is actually difficult to handle. As scar treatments are more time consuming and even require very expensive and abrasive procedures.

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